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WTB Automatic Fish Feeder Or Suggestions on a make


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I have been using the Eheim since 1996. Hasn't changed much since then but it works very well. I currently have two modded to run from my APEX. You can get them online for about $30. Use it for dry food only. You also should think about a feeding ring or some other device that helps get the food to sink or else it will go out the overflow. I use a plastic funnel cut off.

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I have a brand new Eheim, Apex and Hydor I would be willing to sell any of them. All new in boxes. I also have some older style ones that are brand new as well, they are the kind you preload individual servings and it gives you like 10 meals. Not good for long term, but fantastic for vacations because you can select exactly the amount of food per feeding or switch up the type of food.


If there is interest I can post photos and prices, not going to bother unless someone wants it.

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I also use one and like it. I have used the Apex feeder also, it's loud and the mount kinda sucks but it's nice to have infinite feedings if you want. I also agree with the New Life Spectrum pellets, my fish liked them a lot.

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