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Throwing in the towel


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I'm not spending the amount of time I need to with my tanks and it's not fair to the livestock anymore. I've recently lost my mandarin and yellow tang.


Will be selling off livestock for now. Will keep the tank and likely turn it into a Coldwater setup.


Pictures will be available upon request.


75 gallon Truvu tank with stand and led lighting $350

Cadlights skimmer pls100 $80

Par56 bulb $60

Gen x pcx30 $40

Gen x pcx55 $50

Duncan colony sold

Green acan colony sold

Ricordias sold

Rainbow chalice sold

Bubblegum monster chalice sold

Two small chalice frags $15 each

Red green acan small colony sold

Acan growout frag sold

Teco joker favia sold

Pair of mated false percs sold

Cleaner shrimp sold

Original mummy eye chalice $45

Cinnamon palys 2 polyps and a baby $25 rbeyer80 pending

Fat and happy coral beauty $30


More to come but this is a start. Tank looks like crap and just not feeling this hobby right now.





















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Sorry to hear it Jesse' date=' but I can understand where you are coming from. Do you have any of those CARs I traded with you a while back? Mine were overfragged.... Just curious.[/quote']


Sent you a pm. There's a reason I didn't post zoas yet



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Could you put up a pic of the perc's and toadstool' date=' with approx size? Assuming they are listed together cause they hosted it?[/quote']


Will get pics later today of them when the lights are on. I do have someone coming over today to look at the livestock not sure what they are interested in as of now but will update this post.



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