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  1. I’m clearing out some things that are gathering dust. Everything is used, but still in good shape. -22 gallon rimless tank, drilled with overflow. -12g long rimless - 6g long rimless -4g rimless cube i have some little pumps and things around too. If you’re interested, let me know when you want to come by. I’ll help you load up anything you want to take. im in downtown Vancouver, and free most evenings
  2. I’m looking for a stand for a new project. I need the top to be 20-24” square. if you have anything, please let me know.
  3. All gone. Close this thread pretty please.
  4. I’m going to take a break for a while. I’m too busy right now to really enjoy having a tank. I’m hoping somebody just wants to take everything, so I’ll make it cheap. I’ll say 200$ takes everything, and see what happens. i don’t have anything super high end, but I’ll list the highlights. Colony of grandis palys, Fiji yellow leather, really nice favia, red goniopora, Duncan, gorgonian, big colony of pipe organ. There are a bunch of different zoas filling in the gaps. also a Tiger Pistol shrimp, skunk cleaner shrimp, six line wrasse, tailspot Blenny, and azure damsel. everything is pest free, and has been on the tank for several years. I live in downtown Vancouver, and I’m only available on the weekends.
  5. If it’s just zoas, you can soak the rock in 50% tank water, 50% hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes. It won’t bother the zoas, but will probably kill the sponge.
  6. I have had two small, bottom dwelling fish disappear in the past week. I don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me until just now, but I’ll bet my 6” serpent star has been catching them at night. It’s a great scavenger, I don’t think it would be able to grab any big fish. If anyone out there wants him, let me know, and I’ll bag it up for you. Otherwise, it’ll just go into the sump. I’m in Vancouver.
  7. I used green hydnophora to kill mushrooms once. That might work.
  8. My brother in law just moved up here and is looking for a job. Does anyone out there happen to know of any good leads? He’s totally dependable, solid guy. I’d vouch for him all day long. He has some experience with electrical work, but will take nearly anything. He really just needs something to get settled in a new state. thanks
  9. Those big claws aren’t hugging. They get pretty aggressive when they get big.
  10. And you’re saying this Weldon stuff is even better than flex seal? The commercial was pretty convincing.
  11. I’m pretty sure I have it installed correctly, but I’ll give you the chance to say I told you so when I take it off. i can watch the little bead of water form near the bottom right corner.
  12. It’s probably my fault for being cheap and getting the generic brs brand in the first place.
  13. So I just noticed the overflow in my new tank has a little leak in one of the seams. Can I just drain it, and glue another piece of acrylic over that seam?
  14. It’s drilled. 1” drain, 1/2” returns.
  15. I upgraded to a bigger tank yesterday, so this one is up for grabs. It’s 12 gallons, 36” x8”x9”. It’s dirty, but in good shape, and very free. Pickup in Vancouver.
  16. I stocked it with super easy softies. It’s a bunch of gsp, mushrooms, and zoas. I have a few little hermit crabs in there too. I really want to do a goby and pistol shrimp, but we’ll see how the top turns out. I need to keep the glass far enough off the water surface that I dint get condensation on it.
  17. All that is left is to finish the top, set up the ato, and put the door on.
  18. Not a huge update, but it’s almost ready to go. I found some tiny gate valves that allowed me to fine tune the flow. It runs silently now. I added some sand in the display, and live rock in the sump. Jeff has been nice enough to let me have the corals growing in on rocks at the shop, so I sold be able to bring those home this weekend. Now I just need to build the ato, finish the top, and paint the door.
  19. Probably something like this... That is my exact tank.
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