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90 gal Macro Nano Cube


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So 90 gallon cube is not a nano in any way shape or form. But my roots are with small tanks so I felt I should carry a little bit of that over to my new set up.



Here is what I have so far !

90gal cube 30x30x24

20 gallon sump

10gal fuge attached to sump

5gal hang on back fuge

Reefstar skimer rated for 200gal

Reefstar 120watt led

Reefstar par56 21watt led x2

Ecoxotic stunner strips x4

Custom built wood stand

Mp10 es

korilla nano 450gph x2



I still need to figure out my return pump and a mounting system/ hood for my lights.



Of course no build thread can star with out some pictures of my progress.





My BRS dry rock cycling in the tub with 80ish pounds of dry sand.





Some pictures of the stand being built





This is why you measure twice and cut once had to make some additional notches to allow clearing for my Plumbing










I sealed the vinyl in the bottom of the stand with silicone to create a catch basin to help prevent some flooding incase of a plumbing malfunction





Just need to cut and mount a door and ready for stain woot!





This is the ships rail I added to help hide the sand bed some but still allow it so be seen.





Dad's little helper =)


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Update Time =)


Ok so it has been a month and maybe a little more. I have been swamped with work and classes with the citezens academy.



Here is the final stand and hood. Sorry its side ways!







Let the plumbing begin!








Still needed a few parts hope to have my plumbing done tonight and start leak testing Woot!








And the aftermath!






I am shooting to transfer livestock saturday after work just in time for my daughters birthday party sunday!

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Great build jeramy' date=' good plumbing and good foresight i see all kinds of goodies like the dj power strip is that a reefstar skimmer?[/quote']


Nice clean plumbing Jeremy looks good


Thanks guys I still have to run all the cords and get every thing organized but she is coming right along =)



The long slow process of filling with ro /di water!







And now if I could just remember where I put my leathermen, It was just right here I swear............




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Thanks guys and its is kinda sorta a corner tank one front corner is rounded and the other is square. I went with the corner set up to save space. I put a black background up that is not shown in that picture I did not want to paint it because in the future it could be used diffrently =)

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