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Welcome Baby Isla !!!

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Well yesterday the wife went into labor and last night at 10:03 we welcomed out first little one into the world!! Isla was born 6lb 12oz and super healthy. Mom is also doing great and recovering nicely from an all natural birth!


More updates and pics to come sometime soon.





The shop will be closed for the next few days and will be by appointment probably starting Friday and through Saturday or so. Regular business hours should resume on Tuesday!

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Since you like guns, Garrett, you can sit on your front porch cleaning a weapon with a sneer on your face when the first date happens!


I was going through a line at Albertson's with my 6 month girl old a few years ago when I saw a mother with a boy about the same age. I told her "You better keep him away from my girl"! She, somehow, didn't see the humor.......


On one of the kids TV channels they have a motto; "We're not perfect. We're parents"!


Congrats DAD!!!!!


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