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Share the Love Bundle


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The only catch is you will have to come pick them up and I ask you dont resell the frags. Not sure when Ill be heading into town again. Will draw the winning (share the love) post number next weekend. Post as much as you want, but only 1 Share the love per person. Winning non members get to pick 2 items. Members will get all 4 if wanted. Unwon or unwanted items will be drawn for again, for someone else. Everything has been fragged for a while and everything is happy and growing very well.


Blue and green Sympodium and 1 head of RPE

(the two frags in the middle)




A small green Brirdsnest frag




and a small Purple Haze Frag



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Share the love again! Are you sure that blue and green stuff is "sympodium" (whistle)LMAO sorry could not resist!(laugh)(laugh)


Do I get extra points for being a smartass or points deducted?DOH!


Yes I'm sure its the rare blue and green sympodium. It came as a bonus on a order I did dancing.gif Also, only 1 share the love per person will count. So I was going to count the first one from you. I would like to give everyone the same chance. I know some people are busy and can't keep logging onto the board like we do. nutty.gif

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