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First picture of my tank!


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Looks really nice but +1 for the sailfin being way too big of a fish for that tank. He should have at least 4', if not 6' of space, so he can swim happily. Also, I'd HIGHLY suggest cutting back to only two clowns. Having four in there is just stressed/dead fish waiting to happen.

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Very pretty tank! You've done a great job with it.


I'm sure that you knew that the sailfin would get too large for the tank, but as long as he's currently small I don't see the harm in having him. Distortion of the bowfront may be making him look larger in the photo than he is. Pretty pretty fish! I had a hard time turning one down recently!

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I bought it off of the Eugene Craigslist for $200! (YEA, 200!) it included the tank, stand, cc, 90 lbs lr, sailfin tang, arc eye hawkfish, soft corals, red sea prizm skimmer, and a coralife PC light!! It had been set up at his house for 4 years and I have had it for about 5 months.


the sailfin is probably about 3-4 inches


haha about "creating more swimming space" too funny!

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