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  1. I used a company called NW Specialty movers. 503-381-2795. They picked up Reefer750 from Upscales, delivered to my house and carried it down 25 steps into my basement. Licensed movers and insured. Would be worth a call for a price. They were very good...
  2. Agree with SuncrestReef..... very clean and love peninsula reefs. Will be watching this system grow!
  3. That’s a cool view.. Curious was the replacement box a 3 sided natural bottom or a 4 sided box?
  4. Very cool! Just sent PayPal So should show up In your account soon. Thanks!
  5. Always loved the deepwater acros but have never been able to keep them with any long term success. Watching this thread might inspire me to give them another try.
  6. I’m in Cedar Hills and plenty you can have as well...
  7. Ok.... this is a great deal....I’ll send you a pm...
  8. Do you have any idea on the magnet strength? Will it hold on 3/4” glass?
  9. I saw a used 210 for sale at Upscales yesterday.... might be worth checking out...
  10. Great tank and cool video as well....
  11. Looks good..... as suggested above drop some food pellets in and you will get a better idea of the flow rate. Also when your water level drops due to evaporation the flow rate over the weirs will be more obvious.
  12. I was never a controller fan but enjoying learning the ins and outs of mine as well.... still trying to figure out a layout for my control panel seems to be the trickiest part.
  13. Running Apex package... the problem I had is my resevoir (when full) would create a siphon. When I first set it up I used the anti siphon fitting they provided and the standard programming. The anti siphon fitting reduced the pump input so drastically that the standard 5:00 minutes on pump mode was not enough to keep up with my evaporation over a day. Changed my ato input into tank so there is no siphon, increased the 5:00 on to minutes to 15:00 minutes on and seems good to go. Working on setting up high/low resovoir notifications now.
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