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  1. I responded to those that sent PM. Let me know if you did not get a response from me..
  2. I am getting out of the game for now and will be selling livestock then equipment , etc. mom rwal bad at getting back on this site , so here is my number .. please text me if your interested.. sorry bout that 503-347-2535 here is a list of livestock RBTA - 15 of them various sizes. mated pair of hybrid clowns that lay eggs every other week. hippo tang large 6 inch 120.00 Tomini 2-3 inch 50.00(SOLD) yellow tang 2-3 inch 100.00 Melanarus wrasse 4-5 inch 60.00 2 Bengai Cardinal medium size 50.00 for 2 cleaner wrasse 20.00 fike f
  3. This is Great, My Clowns just Laid Eggs for first time , a week ago, Im watching the eggs now , and will move them into isolation tank in next day or two , with Mom, and Dad.. So cool.
  4. Spoken for.... If falls through I'll bump... Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
  5. Hey folks I have a BaseBall sized RBTA that has wandered off rock and need him gone, what started as 1 has turned into 8......was hoping for maybe trade for a acro or something.. Let me know I am in Cornelius. 503-522-9834 Text only please. Kevin
  6. I'm hoping you have someone else, as I would not be able to come get it till after I get paid.... I am sorry I tried but am just strapped till then..
  7. Ron I will send text later when I get off work but I would like to reserve rights to this tank. i just have to run by wife...
  8. I am so sorry to hear this ....
  9. Yea but I bought it with out the display working . So I can’t even get a new token .. or get the wireless set up.. if you know how to do it with out ,, I am open to sudgestions ..
  10. Anyone have a APEX Classic Black display they could part with? maybe a system that died but still has working display? I am looking for one.... I purchased one with a Bad display... I knew it was broke , but thought maybe I could get it up and running with Tablet or something. But seems to be a lot of things need the display.. So I purchased a Display but it was a newer silver one that now I found out is not compatible. I just keep making bad decisions. If you have one please let me know.. I can not find one anywhere or I would buy it.. I already spent 100.00 on one that cant w
  11. Thanks , I’ll text you tomorrow. Working today Ugh!!!
  12. Does anyone have a Apex Classic Display that they can loan for a few days. I purchased a APEX Classic used, and Although the person I purchased it from did help me get on the Fusion website, there are a Number of things I can not do , and I am not able to get in through the APEX Flash utility to Update firmware or anything.. I purchased a New display but it was the silver one, and Its not working, it flashes orange then goes out then flashes orange then goes out again. , I have since read that it may not be compatible with the Classic. UGH! So I am looking fort advise, I got
  13. This will for sure be a weekend deal..
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