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  1. In a couple weeks my family is headed to Hawaii for a week and I'm stoked! The first three days there, I'll be getting my open water scuba certification. The course has four open water dives for certification. We'll be diving at the reef so it should be quite the experience! I think my biggest hurdle will be the 200m swim and treading water for ten minutes. I am a terrible swimmer and have no natural buoyancy, so I just sink. I am super involved in competitive sports so I'm not thinking cardio should be an issue...but dang 200 meters is far, haha. I'm going to head to the local swimming pool and test myself several times. Wish me luck! My step dad and mom are certified, but my step dad had decided he no longer wants to dive. So he gave me all this new gear he bought that only has a couple dives worth of use. New computer to gauge depth, rate of descent/ascent, and all kinds of other stuff I don't yet understand, top of the line BCU, snorkel, fins, boots, dive bag, the works! He basically said, "Now you have to be your mom's dive buddy." I assure you, that was fine by me! I've gone scuba diving twice before, but definitely excited for the certification. And because any thread is worthless without pics, here are a couple:
  2. I did the muriatic dip as well. Basically did the exact sand thing you described. It was pretty exciting. I just envisioned myself as Walter White and everything seemed even cooler. Good work man! I definitely know the pain that comes from plumbing.
  3. To be honest, that stuff can be worse than aiptasia. It's a look that some appreciate, but more often than not, it just spreads and spreads....and spreads.
  4. Thanks for the update, my friend! Sorry I couldn't make it out to see all of y'all, unfortunately I had some other stuff in the works. Looks like another great adventure at TPA! Catch you next time, Robert!
  5. Is it odd that Tapatalk gave me an ad for dealing with lung cancer at the bottom of this thread?? I remember you showing this before Jeremy!
  6. Nice work! Thanks for the update!
  7. If you're asking me, no I don't have that upgrade. I only have a 180 so I think it's 1/2". No problem using stock magnet. But hey Matt! At least you get free shipping!
  8. That's too bad on the magnetic strength. But I would definitely say to run them with flow going the length of tanks. Way more than enough flow. Now getting them to stay positioned on the 1" acrylic? I'm not sure...
  9. Ammonium nitrate is the problem child from the fertilizer group (think OKC).
  10. Looking good man! Are you going to run the Gyre pumps in that current location? Or are they going to flow end to end and they just happen to be positioned there for now?
  11. Robyn who??
  12. Side note: I am just starting to recall that I may have already had this CO2 conversation with you...my memory is terrible. Have we ever met?!
  13. Why does it have to go under your stand? You could put that tank anywhere you wanted. I remember when I used to live in an apartment and I was running CO2 on multiple tanks from triple needle valves on one CO2 tank. One air line was actually from the tank downstairs to a tank upstairs in the loft. Worked flawlessly.
  14. Holly, you should just get a 20 lb and save yourself some time by not having to swap as often. I run a 20 lb on my 180 and I couldn't imagine having to swap 4 times as often. I think I've refilled 3 or 4 times the past 2 years. I can't really recall.
  15. Well let me know if you need any help with plumbing, I can certainly lend a hand!