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  1. Preferred Ca Reactor Media?

    Also, as I mentioned to Robert earlier today, I also use the skeletons of coral I've managed to kill off. I just fill the canister with dead coral and tears.
  2. August Annual BBQ! Swap Meet and Raffles Galore!!

    I got commitments until 1. I'll try and be there by 1:30. Save me a rib! And of course the raffles, too!
  3. Preferred Ca Reactor Media?

    I use ARM with its boosted mag levels.
  4. WTB Frags (Montipora, Zoas, and other easy corals)

    I would definitely hit up @badxgillen, he's right in your neck of the woods. He has just about anything you could want.
  5. Give me your ROCKS 0_o

    For what it's worth, if you were looking to pay, posting a general figure will likely get the ball rolling to convince some people to unload rocks. If you were just hoping for some generosity (nothing wrong with that), then a please and thank you may prove helpful. Some people might get put off by your "demand." I'm sure it's all in fun, but it's tough for that to always translate across internet threads. Best of luck with the search! If you make it to Scappoose, I've got some rocks I could give you.
  6. Looking for tank stand for 18" cube

    Thanks for the offer! I'm trying to keep this pretty low budget though. Hoping there's one sitting in somebody's garage collecting dust.
  7. Looking for tank stand for 18" cube

    Bump, bump the jam. Bump it up, a little more...
  8. Hey all, I'm searching for a stand for my 18" cube tank. Anything square with dimensions of 18"-24" ish. Preferably black. It doesn't necessarily have to be a stand designed for a tank, but it has to have room for a ten gallon sump and it has to look really good as it is going in the lobby of my work. Let me know what you got, thanks!
  9. Hangin' in Hawaii!

    Thanks man. Yeah I was definitely wishing there was better color correction. The videos definitely don't show the true colors. I did my first dive without a wetsuit, but it did get fairly cold by the end so I used a wetsuit for all my other dives. I prefer the mobility of no wet suit. I'm so ready to get back out there. Cozumel looks pretty amazing!
  10. Hangin' in Hawaii!

    Sorry for the late response man. I borrowed a GoPro from one of my friends and my parents also had a waterproof camera that I took some video with. Unfortunately I left those videos on my parent's memory card, so hopefully I'll get them soon enough. Here are a few videos though!
  11. Tapatalk status

    Do my eyes deceive me? Am I logged in thru Tapatalk?? Thank you! Now maybe I'll post up some more replies about the Hawaii trip.
  12. Hangin' in Hawaii!

    Right?! One thing I definitely noticed was the sheer size of these fish. I'm talking Naso tangs that are easily 15+". Even longer if you consider the tail fin streamers. I didn't even know they got that big. Massive Copperbands, convict tangs, groupers, two and a half feet parrot fish. I know captive raised specimens won't max out like wild fish, but all these different fish are just huge! The certification wasn't too bad. I guess it depends on each person's level of comfort within the water. There's a few exercises that may be difficult. You have to remove your mask at thirty feet, put it back on, and clear it. Swap regulators at depth, learn to maintain neutral buoyancy, take your equipment on and off, navigate with a compass and a bunch of other random stuff. And then there's the dreaded 200 yards swim and ten minute water tread. Ugh. All in all its pretty straightforward. Just a big list of things you have to demonstrate, plus 4 open water dives. Definitely worth it if you want to travel somewhere warm. But even if you don't wanna get certified, you can still scuba with a dive instructor after a couple hours of pool instruction. As for what I think of scuba? It is freaking amazing! There are few things in life that can compare with that exhilaration. If I had an endless supply of funds, I'd dive all the time.
  13. Hangin' in Hawaii!

    Yeah I can totally get that! Hopefully you get that cert done. I don't know when/how often I'll be doing scuba in tropical climates, but it's nice to have it.
  14. Hangin' in Hawaii!

  15. Hangin' in Hawaii!

    I definitely wish I had some higher end camera equipment, but it's the best I got.