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  1. Interested in these: Acan - rainbow/white (6 heads) =$15 Acan - purple/green (4 heads) =$10 Acan - Red/Teal =$10 Frogspawn green (2 head) =$20 Frammer green/purple tip (2 head) =$20 Hammer real (2 head) =$20
  2. I could use some aptasia eaters! I'll PM you.
  3. My tank has been running for just short of 8 years. I have a 180g Envision display, 50ish gallon sump. Other equipment: Hammerhead return, 2 Maxspect Gyre XF250's, Reef Octopus XP-3000-INT skimmer recently upgraded to a Vertex DC pump, 1 titanium heater, Wannareef built algae scrubber with amazon grow lights, BRS GFO and Carbon reactor, DIY ATO, and DIY CREE Lighting, and Apex feed unit set to go 2x a day, all controlled by an Apex Classic with an updated control unit. My tank had been limping along since we had kids almost 6 years ago surviving on minimal maintenance. Being home the past couple of months inspired me to clean it all back up and right the ship. I started with back to back day 50G water changes. I had been running w/o filter socks and started changing them out 2x a week (at first i had to do it daily actually) and started making my own filter socks because the wife doesn't like them going in the washer so i throw them out now, 2 weeks in I did another 50G water change and started vacumming out lots of the Fiji Pink sand that was in there and replaced it with a bag of special blend (which I like MUCH better). Its had tons of variety of SPS/LPS etc in the past but right now its still fairly limited - 8 small fish, tons of mushrooms that have pretty well runover all the live rock (any ideas how to get rid of them?) a huge Carpet Nem that has been in there since the beginning, and a couple other smaller bubble tips. my frag is 1"
  4. The quarantine has me getting the tank back up to snuff. I’ve been thinking “man, I wish I could pick up some things from Holly!” Looking forward to it!
  5. #4 - $15 #5 - $15 #7 - $15 #8 - $20 #9 - $15
  6. In case you find another, i'll give it a shot.
  7. Hey Manny, I’ll take a small one. I’ll pm you about pick up. Thanks!
  8. Well, I got my VarioS-S4 in the mail today. After spraying the box with Chlorine and wiping it down of course, I got the pump out and hooked up. Amazing! I did have to use the slip that was on my old Bubble Blaster because the disconnect fitting for the SRO-3000-INT is apparently a little larger than the XP-3000-INT that I have. When I turned on the pump I thought I had a dud for a second because the thing is SILENT! Amazing. Now I'm thinking....that Barracuda pump I have is rock solid but something quieter....always something. Anyway - thanks for the help everyone!
  9. Oh, I see. Ok, my set up would be the same it looks like, I woulld take the slip off mine and use it on the VarioS. I think that is the direction I'm going to go - thanks for your help everyone!
  10. Thank you both, that's super helpful information. The VarioS-S4 looks like its the same price as the Bubble Blaster - does something have to be done to the VarioS to convert to needle wheel and Venturi for the skimmer? Blue Z - I'll keep that in mind. I obviously love the reliability I've gotten from the Bubble Blaster so I'm interested in learning a little more about what that would like like as well.
  11. I have a 180 gallon display, 220 gallon total water volume tank that right now is very lightly stocked (like 5 fish) and 2 anemones. I do have asperations to one day go back to SPS once the kids are older. I'm also running a 12"x12" algae scrubber. I am running a Reef Octopus Super XP-3000-INTcone skimmer that looks like this one (https://www.coralvue.com/reef-octopus-sro-xp-3000int-super-reef-protein-skimmer) that I've had running for 9 years and never head any issues. I bought it used so who knows how old it actually is. The pump is a Bubble Blaster HY-3000S and the pump just all together quit working. I just noticed one day that the Skimmer wasn't running and when I took it off the skimmer i noticed when i plug it in it doesn't hum or vibrate AT ALL and appears to be totally dead. Yesterday I exchanged emails with Coralvue and they at first said I should replace the impeller (~$100) but then she said they don't have one available so I should replace the pump ($289). First option - I'm wondering, is it possible that it is just the impeller so I should track one down if I can - for $100 I would totally just keep my skimmer. Second option - somehow retrofit a Jecod DC pump for cheaper than buying a new Bubble Blaster, but I'm really not sure about sizing/retrofiting and am wondering if anyone has suggestions. Third option - replace the pump with the Bubble Blaster or buy a new/used skimmer altogether? Has the technology improved over the years? Noise isn't too much of an issue because I have my sump plumbed through the wall into the garage. THANKS for anyone willing to help! Ricky
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