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  1. Excited for the new tank!

    I’ve always found that you kind of had to “prime” it after it ran out of water by holding the pump by the return hose and shaking it up and down while the pump was trying to run. Once the were starts going that first time I’ve not had any trouble with it not working. Might be worth a try.
  2. 10 Gallon Nuvo Thanks Powderblue!!

    Super cool! Also, thanks for letting us check out your set up today and for the awesome goodies!
  3. February 10th Meeting @ Roy's!

    I’m gonna have to make it to one of these. Can my 3 year old come? She doesn’t like it when i reef without her 🙂
  4. New sump from wanareef

    Very nice! Super Excited to see what he’s working on for me...
  5. Showing off just some stuff

    Great pictures. I love Milli’s...Someone sell me some frags!!
  6. Well....crap! What a good day!

    Sweet! I guess I wasn’t the only one giving it a double and triple take...
  7. Paratore's 75 Gallon Display

    Nice work, thanks for the update. Keep it up
  8. Zachs 110gal Shallow mix reef!!

    Sorry to see it getting broken down! Looking forward to the post though.
  9. New Red Sea 160 gallon tank.

    I ❤️ Square spot anthias! That branching rock is awesome too. Looks great!
  10. February 10th Meeting @ Roy's!

    It’s amazing and he’s great to buy things from too. Love my clowns I got from him!
  11. Frags Anyone?

    I stopped in yesterday, amazing pieces for sure!
  12. Favorite rock?

    Lol, I came to this topic expecting eating to say BRS pukani...
  13. Golden Basket Reef Auction, Don't miss!!!

    Great stuff!
  14. Frags Anyone?

    Oh that’s awesome! Sounds good Rudy!
  15. Frags Anyone?

    Is it open where you can just stop in now or eBay only still to buy?