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  1. Hi guys I am taking down my system to sell my house and I have a bunch of coral shells I was going to put in a bucket and sell off whatever people wanted, sort of like the live sand bags but shells. Anyone have any thoughts on how long the bacterial in the shells and the water would stay good for?
  2. Hi guys, The last of the living guys in my tank I am going to bag up 5lbs of shells and water. The bags of live coral shells have live bacteria all over them to use in your refugium or sump area to add to your bio filtration. You can also use for a safe home for copepods to live and breed to hide from fish and other predator's.FYI this system has been up for over 10 years. The sand was in my refugium and show tank have maybe 60lbs of that PM me with offer Thanks, Jeff
  3. bow front is 23"ht 48"long x 18"mid &13"ends 100gallon: 48"x23-1/2"x20"ht. GPO yes its a phosphate reactor but says GFO on it just threw that in didn't look it up as to why it was on there
  4. really need the rock gone soon
  5. so I still have a few things left I need to get rid of: see title, I put 3 groups of the baby galaxea on rocks for them to grow. one large fiji rock with some orange Recordea on it. Rainbow Recordea hammers. have scoops of coral shells with tons of copepods or amphipods. Lots of white sand, needs cleaning. BRS Dual Deionization Canisters with digital readout. BRS GPO reactor. Orphek optimus 3000NDC pump , think the control board is bad. 100 gallon square glass tank 74 bowfront glass tank PM me I am very happy to take any offers.
  6. Have a couple guys showing up today for I think the two rock with softies on them and some single stuff so should still have a few rocks and small softies. text me if you want so I dont miss you if your interested in seeing something.
  7. Hi guys, have been dismantling my system to sell the house some time soon and this is what I have left. The rocks are average about 20-25 lbs so if I can get 40-50.00 for the last of the big ones and 75 for the two with the most softies on it OBO. I do have one lonely clown left for 10.00. If you want any of the loose stuff 2.00 ea. I will have a bunch of the crushed coral if your looking to PH balance your system, I use them as a bio filter in this system. Then I'll start selling my equipment. you can text me 503-349-2374 ill be outside all day. Thanks all !!
  8. I think the left ones are that are under the pump?
  9. flame - sold Yellow Coris Wrasse - sold Koran Angelfish juvenile - sold Flameback Angelfish - 30.00 Ocellaris clowns one female one males ( paired) - 35.00 for both Ocellaris clown males - 15.00 blue tang (perfect color) - sold small elegance 2" - sold
  10. First come first serve just let me know when you can be here im in the Gresham area pm me for address and time you can be here.
  11. Really need to get rid of the rocks before I can catch the fish with little stress, the clowns I can catch in the food cup when i feed as they jump in there to get the food first but the rest are on to me catching them from the first move lol
  12. Hi All, Sorry about the delay on getting these on here, I dont sell things every so not good at posting things but here is my effort: fish wise: flame - 40.00 Yellow Coris Wrasse - 30.00 Koran Angelfish juvenile - 50.00 Flameback Angelfish - 30.00 Black and white clown female - 20.00 Ocellaris clowns one female one males ( paired) - 35.00 for both Ocellaris clown males - 15.00 blue tang (perfect color) - 50.00 corals: good amount of green torch 5.00 a head. I think one frogspawn 5.00 a head Fiji rock left over
  13. Okay, yes Ill take pics this weekend, got everything moved to the garage 100gallon now with some water moving waiting for the new seals for the pump on saturday. sorry for the delay Jeff fish wise flame yellow wrasse Koran Angelfish juvenile flameback angel Black and white clown female Ocellaris clowns one female two males ( one is paired) blue tang (perfect color) just moved everyone so they will need some time to calm down a bit. All my rock is Fiji rock corals good amount of green torch I think one fro
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