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  1. I do have a ton of pictures but unfortunately I have been super busy with my business, pond season, and family medical issues again. I assure you all that I have plenty of photos that I will share here shortly. Thanks for getting it in motion my friends, it was a great time.
  2. Whoa, did I actually make it past the volley of coral addicts!?
  3. It is not uncommon for me to be late to the party it seems, I am not able to frequent the forum as much as I used too... Daam You Life!!!
  4. You gonna be at the meet on Cinco D Mayo? I would probably be down for this piece if you were. And I could be up for splitting it if someone still needs some slimer. Regardless, great deal and GLWS.
  5. Guess I missed this one last night, can I get in on the reserve list please? Obviously right behind the hopeful Clark.
  6. Sure, we can work something out if you come through Corvallis at some point. I would have to cut some things but it would not take long.
  7. You The Man Eli! Thanks for the talk, and thanks for the chance to be part of the contribution of data to the project.
  8. I will take a back seat to this one, or should I say "alternate".
  9. Sure, why not, set me up with a little CARs frag if you would.
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