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  1. Well folks, it is getting closer to the end of the 2019 year and you know what that means for the PNWMAS club don't you!? The December Holiday Party!!! Where - Walery's Premium Pizza 1555 Edgewater St NW, Salem, OR 97304 When - December 14th Saturday from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. What - Meet and Greet, Gift Exchange, Raffle, Food, and Fun! As usual, the club will order a few pizzas and pitchers to get the festivities started off with, but with the counter to the pizzeria just 15 feet away you should be able to get whatever you need conveniently. Being a pizza fan I like finding what a friend likes and going in on a pizza to share, variety is the spice of life right? And for those who are new to the annual event know that we will have a White elephant gift exchange to get in on! To participate we recommend bringing a wrapped item someone might appreciate of a $10-$15 value. We will draw numbers to dictate the order of handing out the gifts, and allow for one optional "theft" of a previous opened present per person. If you have not participated in a white elephant gift exchange before, this may all sound funny, but I assure you it is a riot of a game where everybody has a good time and walks away with something to remember. In addition to the gift exchange and all around festivities we will have some amazing prizes from our awesome sponsors and our PNWMAS club, you know we never disappoint. So make sure to grab some extra raffle tickets and win it big! Stay tuned for more updates and additions to the raffle prize roster, you all know the PNWMAS December party is always a Hoot!
  2. So I should setup a separate tank entirely for these guys?.. I don't know about this.
  3. Lobophylia Hemprichii and Corymbosa usually has separate coralites/polyps, but Valenciennes and Lobo.H. can also have a meandering version similar to a wall hammer.
  4. I too would like to throw a shout out of thanks to all the amazing Pacific North West people who made this happen. Officers, Board Of Directors, Jim/Gumby, Sponsors, Vendors, and all who attended making this another success. It was a Great time this year, just like the last couple years, looking forward to the next big event.
  5. I love Andrews analogy here.... This is an amazing event with tons of exotic corals from all around! The Early Bird tickets allow for some hard core coral fans to get in a tad early, and donate a little bit more to our awesome Tanks For Teachers program.
  6. I would like to be next in line. I have a spot in the shop I am setting up were it could go.
  7. It was a great meet all around, good people, great livestock, and wonderful time. Even with my scooter I was able to snap some photos here and there. I still have an onslaught of appointments but I aim to throw some up here later tonight or tomorrow latest. Thank you Seahorse, and thank you PNWMAS... And Obrien for all the MACNA swag he brought to just give away, Awesome!
  8. The past couple days I have finally been getting a little better from my recent medical issues, which means I might be able to leave Corvallis! Fingers crossed I can make it.
  9. Wow!!! Thank You all so much for all the Birthday wishes, you guys/gals are awesome! Seeing this really gives me a much needed laugh and smile. I am just happy to be part of the greatest reefing community in this North West area, the PNWMAS! As far as my birthday I spent most of my day with my foot up in a chair but it was still a great day. All my kids were sick along with my wife so I had my whole family home with me for the day. Got some cool gifts and ended the night with a little cheesecake, not too bad if you ask me.
  10. Just let me know what tanks to do.
  11. Yes, there are a number of puffers that will swing both fresh and salt water, and dont forget the Monos and Scats.
  12. Well Folks, it seems to be an end to the summer and the beginning of fall, September is here! And it looks like we have lined up one last meeting before the end of the year's December gathering, and right before the Annual October Frag Festival. And Great News! We will be having the September meeting at the Seahorse Aquarium Supply in Portland. When?: September 22nd Sunday 1:00 - 4:00 Where?: 106 NE Russet St, Portland, OR 97211 What?: A gathering of your favorite PNWMAS people at a long time sponsors establishment, including food, raffles, and great deals on some very nice livestock. So come on out and hang out with some of your fellow club members, see whats been brewing at the Seahorse Aquarium, and maybe get the skinny on the upcoming North West Frag Festival.
  13. Gotta Bump this up seeing as it is this afternoon! It is going to be an amazing time I am sure! Unfortunately for me, I had surgery on a fractured foot yesterday, making this one of the Very Few times that I will not be able to attend a meeting 😞
  14. A good and straight to the point quote from the net- Most Pocillopora spreads through planuation -- release of live larvae. This is different from spawning, which is the release of gametes. The prodigy produced in this manner by Pocillopora are 100% genetic clones of the mom... Although I have seen sexual reproduction in the home aquarium that does settle out in "variants" of the parent colonies, such as pueple/pink bases with green polyps. A pink lemonade pocilipora mixed with a classic green Damicornis.
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