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  1. Yes, there are a number of puffers that will swing both fresh and salt water, and dont forget the Monos and Scats.
  2. Well Folks, it seems to be an end to the summer and the beginning of fall, September is here! And it looks like we have lined up one last meeting before the end of the year's December gathering, and right before the Annual October Frag Festival. And Great News! We will be having the September meeting at the Seahorse Aquarium Supply in Portland. When?: September 22nd Sunday 1:00 - 4:00 Where?: 106 NE Russet St, Portland, OR 97211 What?: A gathering of your favorite PNWMAS people at a long time sponsors establishment, including food, raffles, and great deals on some very nice livestock. So come on out and hang out with some of your fellow club members, see whats been brewing at the Seahorse Aquarium, and maybe get the skinny on the upcoming North West Frag Festival.
  3. Gotta Bump this up seeing as it is this afternoon! It is going to be an amazing time I am sure! Unfortunately for me, I had surgery on a fractured foot yesterday, making this one of the Very Few times that I will not be able to attend a meeting 😞
  4. A good and straight to the point quote from the net- Most Pocillopora spreads through planuation -- release of live larvae. This is different from spawning, which is the release of gametes. The prodigy produced in this manner by Pocillopora are 100% genetic clones of the mom... Although I have seen sexual reproduction in the home aquarium that does settle out in "variants" of the parent colonies, such as pueple/pink bases with green polyps. A pink lemonade pocilipora mixed with a classic green Damicornis.
  5. Pocilipora is one of the notorious in tank "spawners" that can just pop up in all the wrong places, like your circ pumps or overflows. I used to have a bunch that settled in a tanks skimmer out put... At first it was cool, until it started restricting flow, and other daughter colonies started competing for space and calcium.
  6. Be careful, Majanos are the Devil. Make sure you eliminate them all or it will be a never ending battle as they climb into darker recesses of the tank.
  7. Hot Dam Man!!! That looks like it was quite the project and you went all out, didn't know you already had it this far along though. Looks Amazing! And I guess this means you are not moving for a Very Long time.
  8. Well fiddle sticks, not going to be able to make this one either 😞 Always some sort of treasure in Holly's aquariums, and top notch company. I know I am missing out today for sure, Y'all have fun and Reef Safe.
  9. I would take a piece of each, next meeting you say? Maybe I could find something to throw back your way.
  10. Bill has definately got me beat, he does have the longest. Although I too have some 20 year plus corals, my main tank has only been up for 16 or 17 years.
  11. Sean is one of the awesome people that I have had the pleasure of meeting through this wonderful forum. Helpful, funny, intelligent, and always a good person to chat with. Happy Birthday man! Hope you get your vehicle situation taken care of.
  12. For our August meeting, we’re doing something a little different. @SuncrestReef, our resident Apex guru and newest board member, is opening up his house for a tour of his highly automated reef tank and a backyard BBQ. This will be chance to see some cool high-tech gear in action: Automated water changes, automated skimmer neck cleaner and smart skimmate locker, emergency backup battery power and generator, and of course the Trident! As an added bonus, @danlu_gt will present a demo of his amazing ReeFi DUO LED light fixtures, with a side-by-side comparison against SuncrestReef’s Radion XR30 Pro. As always there will be some cool raffle prizes, and tasty food. When: Saturday, August 24 at 1:00pm - 4:00pm Where: 19194 SW Suncrest Lane, Beaverton, OR 97007 View on map Parking: Driveway and on-street parking There’s only one rule: Cooper, the overly-friendly black lab, is on a very strict diet due to food allergies. Please don’t feed Cooper anything, no matter how much he acts like he’s starving. He’s had enough emergency vet visits and doesn’t need another one.
  13. Upon entering the store you could tell that not only was the place stocked to the brim with cool corals, fish, and inverts but it was also exceptionally clean and healthy looking. Just fields and fields of SPS and LPS. I swear there was a small forest of Red Dragon Acropora in the back of this tank. And lets not forget the fish! Tons of really good looking specimens all throughout the store, looking good you guys, looking real good. As you all probably knew it was an all around event with a BBQ, raffle, and guest speaker lined up for attendees. It was a sunny beautiful July day that was perfect for getting outside. ATA has s nice little courtyard in between its shop and the next that facilitates this rather well. I know I found it very convenient, especially since i was the "grill man" for the food stuffs. Here we have Lewisfisherman getting an action shot of the flaming and smoking BBQ chaos! We went through 40 burgers and a couple packs of dogs in just a couple hours. A good turn out and some hungry people that's for sure. And speaking of turn out, lots of old friends and some new faces made appearances including but not limited too... FlashyFins, our Tanks For Teachers coordinator and professional at running the raffles. Here just helping things run smoothly as usual. Albertareef and HigherThinking right, chatting about the new build HT has going on. Custom tank, custom sump, an all out massive build coming on it sound like. Albertareef has been a long standing member of the Board of Directors and HigherThinking is returning to the PNWMAS madness from a previous term served not too long ago. Good guys to have on your team, thanks you two. Left is Colby of Piscine Energetics chatting with our PNWMAS Vendor Relations officer LexInverts. Left and in the background we have Jorge and to the right is Board member Youcallmeny. Plenty to see here and to talk about, I also imagine both of your tanks are rocking and rolling now...Still need to make the trip over to check things out. Obrian enjoying himself at the shindig, along with a couple other people I had yet to meet in person. RockChalk! I like that name/ analogy, I have quite a bit of rock chalk nowadays. This gentleman from the Greater Portland Aquarium Society came by to hang out and see what the PNWMAS meet was about...And that ATA is a cool place to be. Ron came by for the festivities, it is a bit of a trip from down south but well worth it yeah? Good seeing you man. These reef tanks sure are conducive to conversations! Left is the ZorroReef, hope you like those spackles , and right we have the generous Bicyclebill who brought a bunch of Montipora to give to fellow members. Share the Love. Here he is, the main man himself. As I had mentioned Erin of All Things Aquarium was very generous once again. In addition to getting us raffle prizes for the meeting through his wholesale connections he donated TWO different frag packs to the clubs raffles, What a guy! Thanks Erin! Colby here gave up some of his time to come to Willsonvile and speak about the history and science of fish foods in our industry. It was actually an informative talk that I could go on and on about, but for now I will stick to the picture posts lest I get side tracked into the late hours. Thank You Colby! For the knowledge and the free Piscine foods you gave out and donated towards the raffle. Very cool of you indeed. Once the talk was over we commenced into the raffle stage of the meet. BOD Lewisfisherman in the middle wearing the blue. Was lucky at the casino so might as well keep it going and throw down here right? PNWMAS Treasurer JeremyEvans up front and in red, getting ready for the winning numbers to be called out. I got my tickets in hand too no doubt, I love a good raffle, and I heard there was coral frag packs in there! BAM!!! What did I tell you!? Got me a good reason to visit another one of our sponsors, as if I needed one. Upscales here I come! Lexinverts snagging the digital salinity pen, that should make testing 7 tanks a littler easier than the Milwakie yeah. Left and behind Lex is our newest member of the BOD Suncrestreef, thanks for taking th nomination my friend, it is good to have you with us. And that fruit salad was excellent. Smiling on the left we have ReefRun, but with the even bigger grin from winning the LPS frag pack donated by All Things Aquarium is Snappy. Way to go man, that was a killer win. And talk about wins, the victory of the Gyre went to this young lady, whom unfortunately I did not catch the screen name of. But as you would expect, she is extremely surprised and happy to take home the prize. And that was the gist of it, a great day, a great time, and all with some great people. I thou rally enjoyed myself even though I lost all my arm hair and reeked of smoke when I got home. Lets do it again sometime soon yeah. Thank you to the Erin and the folks at All Things Aquarium for having us over to your awesome establishment, you were generous hosts for sure. Thank You to the Officers and Board Of Directors who get all this stuff put together behind the scenes, nothing would happen without your extra efforts and work. Much appreciated. And last but not least, Thank You to all the PNWMAS members who make the club what it is, it was as great party/gathering, I look forward to our next one. Reef On!
  14. It was an amazing meeting with an informative talk on fish foods and some incredible generosity from Erin at All Things Aquarium. And sorry I have been missing in action lately, I have been setting up a brick and mortar shop over in Corvallis and it has been intense. I feel like I practically live there now, only leaving to do even more work, ponds jobs, maintaining aquariums, children appointments, and to eat & sleep. Anyhow, the long awaited pics I took of the July 2019 PNWMAS meeting are here in another tab I have waiting for me to finish the draft post. I will finish my late dinner and get back to it.
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