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  1. Hot Dam!!! That grill is gonna be Smokin!
  2. Gotta Bump this up, the meet is going on tomorrow!
  3. You are The Man Rudy, so very generous of you... And as usual, killer corals you have here.
  4. Summer is here!!! And with it road trips, BBQs, and fresh new sights. Put all these things together and you have yourself a nice recipe for a good shindig, and that is what we have going on right here. The July PNWMAS meeting will be held in Wilsonville Oregon at the All Things Aquarium store. Another one of those gem of a sponsors tucked away up in the northern part of our Oregon state, ATA has been part of the PNWMAS club for a few years now and has always been a gracious host for our fellow members and I am sure that this go around will be no exception. There is always a large selection of fish and corals to tantalize our aquatic tastes as well as a nice little courtyard area to get outside and do some socializing while grabbing a bite to eat. When? Sunday, July 21st, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Where? All Things Aquarium, 30789 SW Boones Ferry Rd, Wilsonville, OR 97070 What? Another awesome meeting from the PNWMAS crew and sponsor ATA with raffles, food, and fun!..And rumor has it there may be a guest speaker to give us some insight to our marine hobby. Instead of clamming up on a summer Sunday, come and join us in Wilsonville for another one of our great gatherings! Stay tuned for additional details.
  5. If it falls though I would throw you some cash or frags for the tanks, my 40 is hella scratched. Just keep me in line I suppose.
  6. I think my re loading everything worked here, sorry about that.
  7. Some Looooong overdue pictures that I found on my camera memory card listed under a different file\date along with my most recent photos. Anyhow, obviously these are some follow up pictures of the awesome TPA meeting we had. To start off I must say that it was s gorgeous day in Salem that day, Lexinverts and I car pooled from Corvallis up north with coolers in hand. We know how to be prepared in events like this. You don't walk out of TPA without something that's for sure. We got there a little early to help set things up a little and beat the crowd. This way we also got to see some of the killer coral selection offered up by the Premium Aquarium before it got picked through. Lets see, what do we have here... STOP!!! Hammer Time! Euphyllia forests from what I can see. Next to Acan gardens of all colors. And a nice large selection of fish and inverts in their clean and tidy aquariums. Sneaking around the place I was also able to find some of my favorite local reef addicts. On the left in the blue light is Eli of Aquabiomics and right of him is Lexinverts our club vendors relations officer. El Zorro Reef was there spreading his enthusiasm for top notch corals. I got those spackles for you my friend so save a spot on that frag rack. Reefermadness snagging some CUC from the loaded invert tanks. I got to get that sea hare back to you once I find him, he put in some work for sure. Another cool cat here CJMD , a Salem resident coming in to hang out with the club and to listen in on the guest speaker of the day. Knuckldragger taking a look at the fish in stock. There were some larger fish specimens in that day as well as some real good looking Anthias and clowns. Snappy sharing the love by handing out extra frags of his Pavona and shrooms. Always nice to have a reefer who cares. Albertareef and Flashyfins about ready to get their raffle on. Awesome officers here in our PNWMAS club that help make the club go round. Chief here overlooking the shallow lagoon frag tanks with approval. Another valuable member of the PNWMAS club that has spent years serving behind the scenes helping keep things running smoothly. Board of Director member Youcallmenny and family popped in from the neighborhood. I owe you a long overdue visit here soon my man. You all know this face, Chef Dave helping run the show in the TPA house! Bag em and Tag em man. And here comes some more of the Premium Aquarium Bad Boys! Left coming in to help wrangle corals is Cool Kid Chris, middle is the TPA main man himself Garret, and right is NateDawg. As you know it was not a bad line up of raffle items for this meeting, I had my eyes on a few and my tickets prioritized... But you can't win em all, but I sure tried. Golden Basket gift certificate going to Snappy here. Open on Saturdays I believe, you can go in and snag something new and exciting for your aquarium. Mike must be having a lucky day to be winning that Prime light! I have seen some nice looking colors from that unit so get it dialed in right or use the pre setup programs. The prize circ pump quiet drive went to Cjmdh, perfect for that upcoming tank upgrade. The Ehiem Auto Feeder winning ticket was picked up by JeremEvans whom I am sure will put it to good use. Digital Salinity pen tester headed home with the Deuce. I still want to see how these compare to other methods we all use. Seasonedreef, one of many people who were very interested in the speaker of the day, that was able to get a Aquabiomics sample test kit. There was a limited number of promotional kits being handed out so it was luck of the draw. I just got mine processed in a few days ago. And speaking about speakers! Here he is, our new sponsor Eli of Aquabiomics. In this particular picture he is going through the process of showing the steps of performing the samples for his microbiome DNA sequencing. Just the right amount of pressure is needed to allow the water to be strained by the micron filter leaving behind the population of bacteria. And then the accumulated bacteria can be preserved by passing a Ethyl Alcohol through them, making them viable for processing. Over time the data base from the numerous collected reef tank biomes can hopefully be utilized for valuable information to help us have insight on keeping successful reefs beyond just the basic chemistry checks. I am almost scared to see how my bacteria population compares to others or natural reefs. I imagine over time there can be a lack of abundance or one kind can become slighted. I imagine, as usual, balance is key...But only time and more tests will tell. Afterwards he was more than happy to answer all the questions we could throw at him, and being an OSU coral biology professor he was great in delivering the answers. Thank you so much for your patience Eli. After dispersing some it was time once again time to look at the livestock and the display tank. Maybe pick something out to buy even though I have no space left in my home aquariums. won't take long before you can't see the counter through the SPS fields. Speaking of successful reefs here is some shots of the TPA display tanks just chugging along. Mmmm Mmm, mighty fine! So essentially it was yet another killer PNWMAS meeting with an amazingly informative speaker and a gracious sponsor for a host. Our officers and board of directors really nail it when it comes to meetings like this, one not to have been missed. Thank You All!
  8. Thank You everyone, it appears to be just the slightest change in the chemistry here, looks like a good group of people in my book though.
  9. Alright, got some of those pictures I take here all cropped and sorted for sharing to those who were not able to make the trip to the coast this last weekend. That includes you Scott, I know how sad you are about missing this one. But I also know many of you all had unexpected plans come up at the wrong time making this one hard to get to. Anyhow... I got to Newport relatively early to unload and setup a little for the afterwards BBQ. This was great because on such a nice day on a Saturday this place can get busy fast, here for a brief moment I had things almost all to myself. As many of you know the Hatfield Marine Science Center has an amazing visitor area where you can get up close and personal with a number of fascinating animals. Colorful anemones, urchins, starfish, sponges, algaes, and crustaceans are everywhere. These mini indoor tide pools are something that never gets old to me. If I could have one at home I would just go and setup a spot to just kick back, relax, and read a good book on marine biology. Rich greens, purples, and even reds are on constant display to the fortunate visitors. I know I probably say this every time but coming through here makes me want to setup a cold water tank again just for the different types of cool invertebrates. Several of their displays are top notch builds coming a long way from the recent renovation that went on last year. You can walk through the whole cave that is behind this tank giving it that mysterious feeling to it. The maintenance crew here must have to go scuba on these aquariums because even the smaller systems hold a lot of gallons. Don't drop the feeding tongs or we will need to get the ladder again yeah. The balance of educational presentations and hands on activities are perfect. Information is provided in easy to digest dioramas with fascinating subjects such as ocean driven weather, renewable energy methods, and the all important ocean food chain web. The interactive exhibits let you get a feel for some of the research and data that can be relevant to our lives here on land, and some of it is just plain fun to play with. I wanted to get in on these kids fun here but I restrained myself from the "make it rain" feature listed. After wandering around for a while the time just flew by and it was suddenly 1:00, time for our annual HMSC meeting. The PNWMAS attendees and the HMSC guide Sid met up in the lounge area of the center and proceeded to file into the left wing of the facility. One treat that I sorely missed from the older meetings here was the behind the scenes tour of some of the class rooms and projects. This time around Sid was able to lead us back into a couple rooms with various specialized setups for observation and data collection. Sid explains some of the systems that are running and what goes on behind the scenes here, as well as the need to have a screen over any Sculpin fish tank. I think I see Fry in the background here too. A nice collection of aggregating anemones in this shallow holding tank seem to prefer the flat rock and tiles to place their foots on. And it wasn't a rock it was a SQUAT LOBSTER!!! After our exploratory walk we were taken back to the Aquatic Animal Health area where we have been shown fish health workshops as well as quarantining procedures in the past. An impressive build of systems here have intakes plumbed directly into the waters of our coast for a constant supply of fresh clean ocean water. Here you can see another new project in the works, an aquaponics system being built from the ground up by the resident think tank. I imagine by this time next year there will be a bit of greenery popping out of this baby. Always nice to see how other people accomplish the same goals with different methods. After speaking about a couple new charges in the hospital area Sid broke out the mystery surprise he had in store for us, and what a surprise it was! A giant Pacific Octopus was awaiting out arrival. This was an amazing once in blue moon experience. Being able to hand one of these elegant and intelligent creatures was absolutely mind blowing. Nothing short of an unforgettable experience for geeks like me. Emerald left, myself center, and Intothemystic right getting suckered right off the bat, this girl really liked humans that's for sure. Very very sociable. Another fun thing to see in person was the color changing ability so readily used by these animals, the brighter red coloration came on in just seconds after engaging in some exhilarating activities. At some points it was a little intimidating but I had my main man Sid there to keep my hands away from that center beak. Not that she tried anything off, just me being overtly imaginative I think. Markv and Pat getting a Cephalopod handshake, reach out and touch someone on a whole different level. DO not try this at home kids, or in the ocean for that matter. Being so intelligent I am not sure why I was so surprised that these creatures enjoy playing. This little girl had a number of toys floating around here temporary environment including little boats, balls, and her seemingly favorite, this garden water container. AS the filled container was poured into the water the octopus came charging over to get into that turbulent tactile sensation. It was a truly incredible time with this animal, so powerful and yet so gentle. I am very happy to have been able to partake in this experience as I am not sure if the opportunity will come up again. So very Cool!!! After the octopus visit was over we made our way into the court yard area in between the adjacent building\wing and started our aftermath BBQ. The last few years Sid has made available this convenient sweet spot for our gatherings. Nice and open but still isolated from the rest of the weekend coastal riff raff, making unwinding a breeze. All in all it turned out to be a small gathering but still an amazingly good day. As I had mentioned earlier in the threads it was going to be FUN, and Educational and boy did it deliver. Thank you again Sid, the Hatfield Marine Science Center, and the PNWMAS club for getting this all put together. You guys are Awesome! Already looking forward to the next visit out to the Newport coast and my adventures at HMSC.
  10. Looks like you have a lot of good info to go on here, swapping into new tanks makes it much easier than breaking one down and re setting it back up again in a new location. As far as transit I would't get too worried as long as things are separated enough and kept a good temperature in the transport vehicle. Just think about when you get fish or corals shipped to your home, that can take way longer than 8 hours and they are just packed in a styrofoam box.
  11. Thank You Sid for taking the time out and opening up the facility to our club. As usual I had a blast and learned quite a bit in the process. Once again you went above and beyond my friend, much appreciated.
  12. Very sorry to hear that, I wish the best for you. I will miss all of you who are not able to attend. I just got here and unloaded the BBQ items, so we are a go for a great day... See you all soon I hope.
  13. YES! Thanks for the heads up my friend, I am Super excited for our coast meeting at HMSC. Gonna go and grab the final pieces to my part of the BBQ here in a few minutes. If anyone wants to bring something to throw on the grill I can do my best to cook things up for you while I am manning the burgers I am going to bring.
  14. Well, I know it WILL be Fun, And Educational for sure! If you don't make it I will be bummed, but I understand how life can be, it thinks so little of even our best layed plans... This goes to everyone else who wants to make it but may not, the PNWMAS crew would love to see you all there, so just do your best to set aside the date to participate. This is one that we try to keep going annually, but this years particular meet will have a surprise to shake things up some.
  15. The meeting is not too far off here, just a couple weekends away really! I know I am going to make a side dish for the afterwards BBQ like macaroni salad, but I am also going to bring something to grill up like burgers or kabobs. Gonna try and prep everything up the best I can ahead of time to stream line things. Are there any vegetarians attending the meet, I can get some veggie burgers too if that is the case, I don't mind. And it should be a nice weekend so don't forget to bring the significant other/family to partake, we love good weather and good company.
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