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  1. So the rumors are true and it appears that there will be a group buy on an amazing Symphillia coral. Once the logistics are worked out we will get that information to you all here. But in other news we have a nice batch of raffle prizes coming your way as well. Check out what you could Win at this months meet! The foundation multi test kit from Red Sea Maybe a Hanna Salinity and Temperature Tester Another chance to win a Gyre 1K flow pump for your aquarium... And a nice new Quiet Drive MP10 could be yours as well. All good stuff to be had, Bret also mentioned that he may be adding a Zoanthid frag pack to the raffle prizes which would be fantastic! I know I will be grabbing a few raffle tickets this time around.
  2. OH MY! I was wondering why I didn't have any SPS success in a particular tank of mine, I will be removing that rock promptly. I remember the recall of certain products, and spoke with him briefly, but didn't know the effects were not isolated to particular models and actually all across the board. Too bad really, I liked that guy and his products appearance.
  3. YES! This one is going to be fun and informative... We also have a rumor going around that Mr. Bret might be putting together a group buy of sorts. So Stay Tuned!
  4. Sorry about the suspense people, after some communication and some coordination with our PNWMAS team, we have some great news! The 2019 March meeting will be held at one of our awesome sponsors, Paradise Corals in Hillsboro. Not only is he opening up the floor in his shop for us to come in to meet and greet, but our PNWMAS member WhatTheFrag will be giving a talk and demonstration on reef tank photography! This will be a great time to learn a few thing, aska c ouple questions, and maybe just fine tune some oh those photography skills of yours... I don't know about you, but I know I need all the help I can get. Where - Paradise Coral 229 E Main St, Hillsboro, OR 97123 When - 1:00 Saturday March 30th What - Bring your camera if you have one and get a few pointers from some of our photo experienced members...AND, Bring your coolers to keep some corals in cause Mr Bret has some very nice pieces in his shop. This is gonna be another fun one for sure, so save the date and don't miss out on this informative event. And as usual, stay tuned for more details about the upcoming shindig.
  5. Hot Dam!!! The February meeting at PDXMonkeyboys house was a good one, Brian opened up his home to the club for one helluva PNWMAS gathering and Frag Swap. Brian and his wife have a beautiful home, some stellar fish tanks, and made for a knowledgeable and hilarious hosts. When I got to see the well thought of aquariums and life support systems I was very impressed, this guy has got his systems pretty dialed in. Here I included a picture of his vibrant African Cichlid tank, it was also a well put together biotope that made me reconsider getting back into that part of the hobby again....If I didn't already have south Americans I would be on the Lake Tanganyika fish hunt right now. Speaking of those South Americans! Jaggy here was the star fish in his own South American Cichlid tank. I had to squeeze a picture of this guy in because he had so much character. That's what I love about those cichlids, so much personality there. Speaking of personalities, here we have the host with the most, PDXMonkeyboy. So kind of you to have us all over, and thank yo so much for the frags! From what I heard you were cutting club members killer deals left and right just sharing the love. Not to mention you had quite a bit of insight on the salt water hobby. A shout out to our own OptimusPrime, this guy is a hoot! I am hoping next time I head north I can stop by your pad to say whats up, hang out, and see your setup man. You know I am always down to talk reef. And now look who we have here. Left we have BicycleBil, middle is Mark, and to the right enjoying the front row aquarium view is Albertareef. All these guys are seasoned and experienced reefers who are great to have a chat with and make for good company. In this picture we have starting clockwise from the left is, Gill&Fin talking with Willapa, PDXMonkeyboy, and SunCrestReef. Another circle of intelligent reef minded peoples, so many good conversations and so little time. This time we will start counter clock wise and go from Brian on the far right, middle is MarvkV again, center left is Our ex Prez Stylaster, and the far left is one of our BOD members Lewisfisherman. And we can't forget about another of our outstanding BOD Members Gumby center. A few folks made their way down from Washington for the event which I think is very cool, I know all about making a long drive just to hang out with other fellow hobbyist..Let me tell you, these two guys are worth a drive to hang out with. Gill&Fin and DarkAngel enjoying the meet and greet atmosphere, it is nice to see so many smiling friendly faces here. Scenes like this become almost contagious. Sharklover made an appearance as well, sounds like I need to head your way when I am in that neck of the woods again. Always seems like you have a cool project going on and I want to hear more about it. Meanwhile, in the basement.... Just look at this setup for his sump area! It is located bellow his display tank upstairs. Everything is in its right place and easily accessible. So Jealous of this efficient setup. I will have to take some notes for sure. And his frag tank...It was packed full of healthy colorful corals and I could't leave without snagging a couple frags to take home. Thank You sir may I have another!? Jeff from Cuttlefish and Corals on the left and Lewisfisherman on the right of the massive RODI and water mixing station. Snappy having a good time and picking up some nice coral frags. Thanks for the TFT purchases man, everything helps. Now here is a group of happy faces getting their frag on! Going clockwise again from far left we have our PNWMAS treasurer Jeremevans, BOD Albertareef, Brian, Willapa, BicycleBil, PDXMonkeyboy, and ZorroReef. In addition to the frag tank that PDXMonkeyboy had in his basement, he was kind enough to let the club use his coral QT for a Tanks For Teachers sale. We took donations from myself and other fellow hobbyists and sold them for proceeds to the TFT program! We pulled in a nice chunk of change thanks to the participants, you know who you are and we love you all. And we still have a number of pieces that we can work into a future TFT sale for sure. Finally, I would like to take a moment to thank all of those responsible for making the event a complete success! PDXMonkeyboy for being such a fantastic host and being generous with his time, corals, and knowledge. Our outstanding PNWMAS Board of Directors and Officers who work behind the scenes to bring you the forum and events that make us the reefing presence that we are. and lastly but not leastly, our PNWMAS club members as a whole...To whom without, there would not be the same local camaraderie that we get from sharing this group. Thank You All!!! Reef On!!! And PS, I was all over the place and was unable to get photos of everyone so all apologies if I missed your shot in the thread. If anyone has some pics to add to the this one that would be great. There was a good crowd for sure.
  6. This was an awesome meeting for sure! Brian's aquariums and home were stellar and he made an excellent host. I will finish up with the pictures I took at the event after I get out of work later today. For now I would like to say a big thank you to PDXmonkeyboy and his wife for letting us into their home, the clubs officers and BOD who make it all happen, people who donated to the TFT program and frag tank, and to the PNWMAS crew as a whole.
  7. Just because you are in Cali doesn't mean you can't frequent the PNWMAS here and there. If you need a frag or two once you have a reef tank going again just give the word and I can work out some shipping logistics.On another note though, I am kinda glad you sold it before I could even see/think about nabbing it...I do not need more tanks or more corals by any means, but sometimes I make exceptions like this. OH, and good luck with your endeavors my friend, take care of yourself and your family yeah.
  8. I miss my branching cyphastrea, it got too close to a chalice of mine long ago and got anihalated. Maybe I can get is back at this meet. I would't mind a small frag of rastas either, not sure if I have anything that would interest you though Jeremy, Blue Eyed Bithes or Raptors Rainbows maybe, you probably already have those though. I have some "wild ones" I don't know what are too if that is of interest. And is the Stylophora you have purple Krux?
  9. Gotta bump this up one last time, the meeting is tomorrow, hope you all are ready! I will be bringing a few frags to trade and a bunch to sell to raise a little cash for Tanks For Teachers. I am also pretty excited to see Brian's Reef and Cichlid setup, I love both fresh and salt water aquariums, especially when they are done right.
  10. I really need to get my sump installed, like you mentioned it is a great time to reassess things and clean up the clutter, I have always liked internal pumps over inlines when in smaller aquariums, so I hope you get the same impressions. Looking good man, looking good.
  11. Dang!!! I was thinking about voting Aquascaping. I am always looking for new ideas that are animal and equipment conscientious when setting up new tanks. I have got the Fruit Stand, The Wall, The Island, and even The Volcano. But lately I hear that less is more so maybe I can pick up some pointers from the members and yourself at this meet since as you mentioned this could be a difficult subject to cover without pictures. If you are down to run through your coral QT procedures that would be a nice refresher to many of us. I honestly think all the subjects presented will make for some good conversation matter.
  12. Oh man, I am a rock hound of sorts so this is looking very nice. Where may I ask was your trip to? I love knowing where my stones may have came from... I have many fashioned from a local lapidary expert for personal custom jewelry.
  13. I might need a little greenery Dodge, could I pick up at the meeting this month?
  14. That is nothing short of Genius!
  15. Oh Jeez, you guys crack me up! I imagine it is February 24th, which gives us plenty of time to cut things and have them all healed up for the gathering.
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