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  1. badxgillen

    September Meeting Frag Swap 2018

    You would be surprised at what I would be interested in for trade but either way I am sure we can work something out, maybe via PM? I also have some nice chunks of Tierra Del Fuego that could go to a new home.
  2. badxgillen

    September Meeting Frag Swap 2018

    So lets see here, I have plenty to cut and don't want to bog down the thread too much with pics...What does anyone attending have to trade and what are they looking for? Here are some sample pics to get things started, I have plenty more if someone is interested. Raptors Rainbows Pink Aussie Hyacinth, Twilight Dragon, Super Blue Stag, and Rainbow Tort, ORA Frog Skin, Upscales Microlados, and several others. Digitatas including the bright red and forest fire. lots of encrusters like this Super Red Cyphastrea Other Montiporas such as the ORA Supernatural. Different favia and favites like this candy crush. Maybe some mushrooms and ricordia yumas too.
  3. As mentioned in the September meeting thread the meet and greet at Moloko's would make an opportune place/time to have a frag swap so lets get one started here. These are the general guidelines I like to recommend for these coral exchanges. If you would like, you can do your trading on the fly by just bringing by a few pieces and hoping that some one will have a desirable coral you want...Or better yet, you can post up what you have to trade and work out a preemptive exchange here on the forums, that method always works best for me. You can feel free to use this thread to post your trade-ables in or start a thread of your own. But First, let me get you some of Bert's basis tips for success here. 1.) make an attempt to have a fragment of reasonable size and health and try and get things cut and ready a few days to a week ahead of time to have the wounds healed up for the exchange. And double/triple check for pest invertebrates or algaes before sending your corals out, we try to keep invasives to a minimum here...And once you get your frags home, just in case, always acclimate the specimens then dip the corals before you put them into your personal aquarium. QT Aquariums are best but good old Revive, Coral RX, Melafix, Iodine, or Bayer will do much better at prevention than nothing. 2.) Try to package your corals appropriately. This can mean not putting a spiny coral like birds nest into a thin dollar store bag or not utilizing insulation on an extended cold or warm trip. Try a small cooler or Styrofoam. If you can't find either of these and the destination is a long distance, keep the vehicle air conditioned or heated appropriately. As far as packaging goes you can double bag and use thicker mil plastics, or something else like a Tupperware or specimen container. I have even used washed out yogurt or cottage cheese containers that stack well inside the coolers. Just use something that will work, nothing like losing a nice and colorful animal because the bag got too cold and leaked all the water out on the way home. 3.)Do your best to be courteous and fair to one another by not take advantage of each others ignorance or generosity. These are people of all levels in the hobby so give them the benefit of your knowledge and experience instead of the cold shoulder. And speaking of generosity, that giving nature has always been smiled upon here at PNWMAS and pay it forward tends comes back around these parts. Well, the meeting is closing in fast, less than two weeks yeah. I believe Christian who runs the place will also be interested in doing some trades as well, I imagine he will post up in the forum here soon. So Let's see em folks, Whatcha Got!? Corals that is!
  4. What do we have for September gatherings you ask? Well, it has been a while since we made it up to North Mississippi to visit our friends at Moloko's so we decided to have a casual meet and greet at this sponsors awesome reef themed pub. If you have not been there you are missing out on a very unique establishment. This will be a perfect mingling opportunity prior to next months upcoming big Frag Fest event. We can chill out, relax, and talk salt or just get to know each other more... A far cry from the hustle and bustle of the Expos. Being a meet and greet situation I think it would make sense to get a frag swap going on, I know many of us have some corals to trim and being two weeks away it makes for an ideal heal time on any of those fresh cuts. And since the shindig doesn't start until 4 it will give us a chance to shop at some of the Portland area saltwater stores prior, so bring a small cooler. The address is-- 3967 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227 Starts at 4:00PM until 6:00PM or whenever you want to go home on Saturday the 29th, they have a full service bar as well as some nice panini sandwiches amongst other edibles to choose from. https://molokopdx.com/
  5. Yeah, I think I will let the next in line go in for the prize, I was just in it to have fun really...And the frag of zoas of course.
  6. Well a big kudos to those who were able to hang onto those polyps these last few months and grow them out, they were a finicky bunch at times weren't they. On the final roster we had... Emerald 4 - 11, JMurray 5 - 7, Badxgillen 5 - 12, LewisFishermana 4 - 8, PDXmonkeyboy 4 - 11, Kev311 4 - 22, Jeremyeveans 6 - 12, KristenHerr 2 - 5, I will back rack some and double check but it is looking like the first place and grand prize goes too Kev311 With second/Third place tied by PDXmonkeyboy and Emerald. Congratulation too you all, anyone who still has their frag is a winner in my book. Thank you all for playing along with us, as always it was fun and insightful, until next time.
  7. So I am sure many of you are going to wait until the last minute to post the final entry to get maximum growth for the allotted competition time. That being said tonight at midnight is the DEADLINE! Here is my last picture post, as you can see there are almost 12 polyps but they are all closed up now and looking downright shabby...At least I made it to the finish line though.
  8. The end of the contest is upon us, its time to have a look at all those mini colonies you all are hiding, lets see who we can crown as the winner of the CNC Zoa Grow Out 2018.
  9. badxgillen

    3d Printable Nori Clip

    I might be persuaded to give up my old PVC pipe and rubber band/zip tie setup...How much!?
  10. That is correct, ONE more month to go! Then I am taking mine off the plug and mounting it to a rock and switching tanks... This Zoa has been very tempermental with me. Maybe one of youk nows the secret to keeping all the polyps open and would like to share?
  11. badxgillen

    Who's all going to the Hatfield Marine Science Center? 

    I will grab some briquettes and lighter fluid just in case, I could grab some chips too while I am out and about.
  12. badxgillen

    June Hatfield Marine Science Center Meet 2018

    I am going to try and be there a tad early to take it all in, provided weekend coast traffic isn't too bad, it is looking to be a really nice day ahead of us. See you all there.
  13. Tonight at midnight is the last entry time...Here is mine, slipping in at the last minute. I actually have some growth, although they are not open, there are like 12 polyps now so almost double from he start. Almost as good as some of the other contestants here.
  14. badxgillen

    Who's all going to the Hatfield Marine Science Center? 

    I was thinking cookies or brownies, as of now I am leaning towards brownies, so I would say Sweeeet. I have my fingers crossed for some good weather the day of the meet, last year was amazing so I am optimistic.
  15. badxgillen

    Who's all going to the Hatfield Marine Science Center? 

    I will be attending and probably bringing something sweet food wise, it should be a wonderful weekend at the coast so I hope most of you can make it over. I am excited to see the renovated areas of the science center, and for Sid's presentation.