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  1. Has anyone ever seen one in person? Or to the vendors around here...can you get them? It is literally the perfect dimension for the space I have for a QT (24 x 12 x 12), its like a mini 40 breeder! And if you can get one, hopefully the price is relative to the size of tank..? If the answer is no, then what have you all seen that is similar in dimensions? Even an all in one would work, perhaps better...
  2. Cool rock and scape! What are you gonna put in that thing?
  3. I have 2 of them. you can have one if you want. Ill even throw in some starter algae if you need!
  4. Interested as well, pending pics
  5. Now that’s cool!
  6. Hello Scott! And hello hijack... ill get my system info up soon and we’ll chat over some cold ones.
  7. Found mine at wilco. Not sure if there's one close to you...
  8. Calcium reactor, Skimmer, both ATO's and lumen pending. Will let you know if they fall through.
  9. Thanks Randy, you are correct. I believe Pacific Coast replicated the octopus line of acrylic products. PM's replied to...
  10. Hey Mike! Been around, tryin to stay busy and keep the fam happy. Hope you are doing well!
  11. Stinkin politics...lol I added pricing, for the most part.. Most everything has been well taken care of. The skimmer could use a good bath, and everything is a little dusty, but I will let you know if something doesnt work. B
  12. I have been debating for a while whether to get back in the hobby or not. I have come to the conclusion that I do not have the time or money to invest in a tank right now, so I am attempting to sell what I have left. If you see something you like, you can pm for more info, or email me at bdconstructioninc@gmail.com 34 gal Solana cube with stock skimmer and return pump...300 Lumen Max 3 250 w hqi with phoenix 14k...75 P.C. Kalk reactor, with pump...75 P.C. Calcium reactor. Comes with pump, but I no longer have the CO2 bottle...125 RPS 1000 skimmer with gx 4100 pump...150 Blue line pump...50 A.T.O, one for R.O. system, one for tank...50 CL280 Chiller...175 75 gal glass tank (with 2 holes for overflow, but I used it as a sump)...50 Single 4' T-5 lights (about 8 of them, some with reflectors and some bulbs)...20 ea? R/O with older cartridges...50 3 '3 Little fishies' reactors...25 ea Misc parts and pieces, including powerheads and plumbing... Thanks for looking. B
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