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  1. Thanks again Rudy!

    Hey thanks again Rudy for letting me drool around your shop for a hour and pickup some corals! Top notch spot. Have fun and safe trip to California. Hopefully see you soon
  2. Can’t wait to see these. Interested in the new models
  3. Anyone thinking of going to MACNA 2018 in Vegas?? Just wondering. Got a couple reefing buddies in the Las Vegas area And I think I’m gonna head down
  4. Looking for cube tank

    Nope 👎🏽
  5. Well I’m back! Was gonna setup another 120G but stumbled across this bad boy for sale on the forums a couple months ago. Always loved these Marineland Deep Dimension tanks! Definetly the best dimensions (besides the height) you can get out of a factory made aquarium. It’s a 150G aquarium and the dimensions are 36”x36”26”. One of the downfalls I don’t like about these tanks are how short the stands are. I researched a couple different options and decided to build a small 7” pedestal for it. Bringing the overall height to 36”. I haven’t totally finished it yet (needs trimmed out) but it gets the tank rolling quicker. As for livestock I am going to probably stick with LPS, softies and a few SPS. I’ve always loved tanks with big leathers and euphyllias so I will definetly have a few of those. Haven’t decided on a fish list yet...still working on that. I have accumulated some rock over time but I did order 100lbs of base rock from Billy’s Reef Connection that I really like. As for equipment I’m gonna start out pretty basic and will probably upgrade over time. Going to use an algae scrubber and probably purchase a controller in the next few months, once cycled. Here’s a breakdown- Lighting - 2 Ocean Revive Arctic 247 Return Pump - Sicce Syncra 4 Flow - 2 MP40’s Sump - Trigger Systems Ruby Elite 30 Skimmer - SCA 302 (Probably will upgrade first) HERE ARE SOME PICS
  6. Ryan’s 150G DD Marineland Build

    No real big updates guys. Kinda been slacking. I added a couple acans, neon green toadstool, hammer and a yellow eye Kole. Everyone seems happy and look good. Just ordered one of these for my RODI. Amazon had a damaged box one for $76. That brings me to the next part. Im already upgrading lol. Gonna setup and Red Sea Peninsula 650. This has always been a tank I loved and couldn't pass it up. With that said I will be selling this tank! If anyone is interested i will be selling the tank, stand and canopy. Tank is in great shape! Possibly a pair of ocean revives, the trigger ruby elite 30 and some other misc stuff. Stay tuned for the next upgrade
  7. March meeting at Holly's!

    Day after St. Pattys.....I might be a little hungover but I plan on being there!
  8. MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    Sept 7-9th Fly. Definitely fly
  9. Zach’s 110Gal Mix Reef Part out SALE!

    Ohh thank god. I didn’t wanna [language filter] myself thinking someone bought an Oregon Tort frag for $400. All is well. Sorry for derailing the thread
  10. Zach’s 110Gal Mix Reef Part out SALE!

    $400 for the Oregon Tort colony??
  11. warpaint scoly - green ring

    Nice piece Dan!
  12. Well decided to take the day off and make a quick trip north. Stopped off at Rudy’s which is awesome by the way and then hit up Cuttlefish. Planned on hitting a couple more stores but something got in my way. It looked really lonely sitting there all by itself. Shoved in the corner like it it had done something wrong lol. I couldn’t pass up the deal offered and I guess I’ll be setting up a different tank before the other one barely get started. I guess it was meant to be. I guess it was meant to be. Now I just need to build a stand, sell my 150 and get this baby going. Can’t wait! Thanks to Jorge and Ron for loading it up and to Jeff for the great deal. PS- Before you say it Kim.....you told me so!
  13. Lol! Time for a remodel
  14. Need to borriw Glass suction cups

    I have a pair but I’m down in Albany...
  15. Showing off just some stuff

    Those are some great pics! Nice looking corals
  16. Man I always see KILLER HUGE peninsulas for sale in Arizona and Florida! Road trip??? LOL
  17. Second time to Jeff's shop for me and you are right! You snooze you lose, Kim. Thanks! Im just glad it was still there Great meeting you Jorge. Just gotta get a stand figured out now! No problem. It was nice meeting you and also to see another P650 in action. Not sure yet. Its on the outside. I will definitely be looking into it. Thanks man! Me too. I guess I'm glad you did a double and triple take and left it for me
  18. It is. I thought about it when it was posted and had to snag it when I saw it
  19. I did Bert...I did
  20. Yes if they are pros $350! I was going off standard X30's
  21. I see them go for $250-$350 each