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  1. R-3

    Heaters (colbalt)

    CAKE!! Jesus man its 10pm quit talking about cake!
  2. R-3

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    Bumping this up! Just seeing if anyone else has decided to go...
  3. Anyone thinking of going to MACNA 2018 in Vegas?? Just wondering. Got a couple reefing buddies in the Las Vegas area And I think I’m gonna head down
  4. R-3

    Despretly need a new light

    I have a white Hydra 26 I could sell
  5. R-3

    Back at it... RSR 170

    @Exodus has a bad [language filter] control panel for his Apex setup. Hopefully he chimes in
  6. R-3

    Neptune Apex... I HATE you

    Didn’t you just love them two weeks ago? Quit being so bi-polar lol! 😂
  7. R-3

    Update on Red Sea Reefer 450

    Nice mature tank! I am literally setting one of these up right now! Just put in live sand and I’m adding saltwater right now. I’ve been leak testing it for the last week with freshwater. What equipment are you using? Skimmer, flow etc...
  8. R-3

    Back at it... RSR 170

    Yeah picture taking is an art anymore with Leds. Rock work looks bad [language filter] though! Can’t wait to see this thing full.
  9. Looking for 3 AI HMS brackets for my Red Sea tank. Either the standard or the flex I am open to both. Need to mount a few Hydra 26's. Pic for reference.
  10. R-3

    Coral Giveaway!

    Wow! Nice piece! Share the love
  11. R-3

    WTB Refractometer

    I got one brand new Dan! I’ll sell it to ya
  12. R-3

    ROCK(Albany, corvallis, salem)

    Hey Hunter I probably got some you could look at
  13. I would totally buy it but I just dont got the room right now. My 40B frag tank is crammed! I'm gonna start cycling the RSR 450 this next week though
  14. Never used this stuff. Always did the old fashioned way. Was wondering what everyones experience was with this?
  15. R-3

    Dr Tims? Or something better?

    I Ordered some from Amazon! Thanks
  16. R-3

    Dr Tims? Or something better?

    Sweet! Did you get the ammonia too?
  17. R-3

    Dr Tims? Or something better?

    Thats kinda why I am thinking about it. Heard the same thing
  18. R-3

    Dr Tims? Or something better?

    Does anyone local sell or just online? I cant find a consistent price online. Some places are $10 then $20 then $30 its weird.
  19. I most likely gonna be up there during the week next week May 7th-9th. I have to pickup some plans from my architect up there. Ill pm you
  20. Where are you at? I need some extra 36” bulbs! I would take them
  21. R-3


    Should be good as long as the date is in check!
  22. R-3

    Time to downsize. 180 to a 120.

    Hey Gradth....GO 49ERS!
  23. Do you have a pic of the rock?
  24. R-3

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    Okay so just got my pass and booked a room....next is plane ticket