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  1. R-3

    WTB Steel Stand 48x24 Footprint

    I wonder if Jeff asks Jorge first if he has something before he orders it for a customer lol 😂
  2. R-3

    Nuvo 40 or 30

    I was told it fits both. I could be wrong though. I’m in Albany
  3. R-3

    Nuvo 40 or 30

    So I have a Nuvo stand that I picked up in a deal a while back. No luck selling the stand so I am looking for either a 30 or 40 gallon Nuvo. I’m pretty sure that’s what fits the stand. Let me know what you got. Just the tank!
  4. R-3

    Nuvo 40 or 30

    Still looking...
  5. R-3

    ReeFi gen 2 high power LEDs

    Look pretty nice so far! Tagging along
  6. R-3

    Nuvo 40 or 30

    What?? Lol
  7. R-3

    105g build

    Awesome man! Time to setup another tank lol
  8. R-3

    WTB: Red Sea Reefer 250 or similar.

    Woaahhh there Dan lol
  9. R-3

    WTB: Red Sea Reefer 250 or similar.

    Message me H20. I can’t message you for some reason
  10. R-3

    December 2018 Frag Swap Thread

    On my way. I’m bringing a big frag or Sakura zoas (dozen polyps) , 2 3 Head Orange oxide zoas and 2 3 Head of god/devils armour zoas to trade.
  11. R-3

    Time to retire

    Nice tank! Good luck with the sale
  12. R-3

    WTB: ReefKeeper PC4 or PB4

    Hate to jump on this thread but if Blue Z doesn’t want the Reefkeeper Elite Head unit I’ve been looking for one. I would totally buy it off of you Bill. Don’t wanna step on toes
  13. R-3

    105g build

    I had Talbots in my previous tank years ago. Awesome fish
  14. R-3

    105g build

    Love the Rolland and Talbots!
  15. R-3

    7th Annual Anniversary Sale!

    That's some nice looking acans!
  16. R-3

    7th Annual Anniversary Sale!

    Hey guys just remember to post pics or it never happened...😀
  17. They are all standards
  18. We could help you move stuff around to make room lol!!
  19. R-3

    Bowtie blaster zoas

    Or is it Scott Baio??
  20. This is why this forum needs to stick around! People helping other people. Love it!
  21. R-3

    Bowtie blaster zoas

    Man those are nice 👍🏿
  22. R-3

    Hello, again!

    Holy [language filter] Rich! Welcome back. I got some zoas and random softies and Lps I could hook you up with
  23. R-3

    Winter Reef gargae clean-up

    Still got this stuff. Make an offer