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1000 gallon system!

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albertareef    1,206

Nice work. Sounds like you are well covered to take the weight -  better safe than sorry in this case ?

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Parzifal    42

alrighty.   It's been a month since I posted, but lots of progress!  A couple posts coming in succession just to keep it organized!


finished insulation and added a vapor barrier.  Connected the 6 mil sheets with tyvek house tape...not the prettiest of jobs but it will work.   Figured out that when working with tyvek tape make sure you put it exactly where you want as that stuff STICKS!

Figured out some stuff with drywall too!  Score and snap that stuff. If you use a circular saw it will cover everything in a 100' radius is white dust.

i used 5/8" green board just to make myself feel better about drywall in a humid area. Due to high humidity expectations I used stainless steel screws and then mud and taped it.




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Parzifal    42

I was originally going to paint the room but found this material called frp which I thought would work much better.

it is Fiberglass reinforced plastic, waterproof, chemical resistant, non corrosive, won't flake off over time and gives the room an incredibly clean look.

it was easy to cut with some metal shears and very easy to get on the walls.  It was NOT easy to get on the ceiling. 

After cutting the FRP I used liquid nails to get it on the walls and a carpet roller to press it firmly against and get a good seal.

The ceilings took a long time. I could not get the 7'x4' sheets to seal against the ceiling.  They just kept falling down, very frustrating.   I cut them down to 4x4 sheets that worked ok, still couldn't get them to seal well across the entire area and finally decided that fastening them with stainless steal screws and washers would work well.  They went up fast after that.   

For the corners i put up plastic pices sealed with clear silicone. Same for the junction between the frp sheets.  They are cheap and easy.

after the frp was totally up I painted the floor with epoxy marine paint. 2 coats gave it a nice smooth finish that will be good for dragging tank stands over it.

After that I sealed the space between the floor and the walls with a heavy coat of silicone sealant.

to ensure the entire room is waterproof  I put a si gel piece of rubber cove moulding around the base and sealed the top and bottom and the one seam with two heavy coats of silicone. The rooms floor itself can now hold nearly 200 gallons of water in case it spills.

finally came the waterproof electrical covers. Now it's ready for some stands!








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Parzifal    42

And for the final update so far!  With this it's all caught up!

after all the paint and silicone had dried I started on the stands.

built the double 40 gallon tank stand for water changes.  The top tank will be freshwater and the bottom will be salt.  Both tanks have been drilled so I have to a valve to fill/empty the tanks. NO carrying water!

the single 40 gallon stand will be for a quarantine system.  It will be plumbed so I can add water from the main system and again turn a valve to pump it out into a drain. I hate carrying water.

the frag/filtration tank stand is 7' on top and 9' on bottom.  The frag tank will be 7'x3'x10" and the bottom will house two 4'x3'x20" tanks.  The first filtration tank will be for bio filtration and the second will be for mechanical.


if you know anyone who has tanks of the dimensions above and want to sell them let me know!






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