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December 2015 meeting pictures

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I was another great annual December get together at the Lucky Lab pizza parlor. We had the whole upstairs reserved for the club so there was plenty of seating room and tables for the food, gifts, and raffle. Very Cool!

A few people who wanted to make it could not be there, and that was unfortunate, but it was a great time regardless thanks to the awesome folks who did attend. Don't worry, I am sure we will have another splendid holiday meet this month next year.




Our fearless leader Jmanrow brought the essentials to the meet along with gift certificates from all over and some of the sponsors donations to the club for the raffle. Much appreciated Jman, the pizza was killer.




Kknight and Gil&Fin were there in charge of the raffle tickets and the register, what a team. Thanks you two, as always you gals are good company, glad you made it.




Let me in on some of those raffle tickets!




The raffle table was Full of things from our awesome sponsors!

Gift certificates from several vendors, an LED units, Fish&Coral Foods, Corals, and a circulation pump.



Air Water Ice,

Cold Water Marine Aquatics,

American Aquarium Products,

Ocean In A Box,



Ocean Revive,

were some of the sponsors whos prizes were won during the raffle today, Thank you all so much.

Your support mean much to the club.

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Got to meet a couple people I had not met before and that is always a treat, especially when they are good people like theses.



Salty pickel you, glad you could cruise by and hang out with us, it was good seeing you and meeting your wife, and thanks for snagging that coral for Matt, appreciate the assistance my friend.




ROY! Always a pleasure to see the Stylaster, didn't get to catch up with you like I wanted to but I am hoping there will be a next time soon when we can talk coral. Good seeing you though man.






Maxixurls who runs Molokos was there and if you have ever been to his bar you know he is as cool as a cucumber and a fun conversation, I am due for a visit to your coral laden establishment.

Bicyclebil made a few generous donations to the raffle and I took home some nice flower petal cap from his coral collection, Thanks Bill.




Flashyfins explaining something of importance to Miles here, this is his first meeting and I am glad we had such outgoing,intelligent ,and fun people at the meet today...I know I had fun.




Why does it seem the cool kids always gravitate to the same table, laws of social physics I suppose.




Scottb was another generous guy who added a thing or two to our raffle, thanks man and nice meeting you as well.Hope you are digging on all that coral.

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There was only a handful of people that participated in the white elephant gift exchange bu that doesn't mean it wasn't fun, there was tons of laughs and cool stuff gifted all around. I am known to do a bit of cooking and some how snagged a nice knife to do some fillet of fish with. Bill got himself a bit of a pocket blade for himself, Kershaw I believe.




I hid my gift behind the others because I stuffed my gift in a paper sack, I know I am a classy kinda guy.




Holly takes the smaller more festive bag and for good reason...Who want a paper sack?




Scott does, Scott wants a paper sack...Full of fragging supplies! Gotta get him started off right, Right!?




Flashyfins got some Tiggerpods and a singing justin bieber toothbrush! If that isn't cool then I just don't know what is.




I guess Jmans Frozen nano aquarium would be a runner up for coolness factor, it is a tough choice if you had to ask me for my vote.




One nice thing about this meeting was that towards the end I think that every single person had a chance to meet the other and that my friends is very cool.


Thanks again to all who made this holiday meeting possible!

Our Sponsors!

Our Office and Board Of Directors!

And our Awesome club members who make this a place that I enjoy being a part of!


You All ROCK!!!

Good night and Peace Out!

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Great meeting, indeed! Pizza, reef talk, raffles, and gifts - my kind of party!  :cheer:


My wife Amy took some pictures, so I'll have her post them when she gets a chance. 


BIG THANKS to the sponsors and to those who donated frags, especially Bert!  I did quite well in the prize department and left feeling like I had a Christmas stocking full of goodies!  :D


P.S. Holy huge cans of flakes, Cobalt Aquatics! I think it would take 10 years to empty that container with the few small fish I have, so I'm going to pass along to gumby when he comes to help with my tank today. <--- foreshadowing alert  :cool:

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Great pictures! I can't wait to see more! I was bummed I had to miss this but couldn't get anyone to take my shift at work. Thanks fellow Bod members for getting it organized! Looks like it was a great time!

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I believe the correct screen name in pic #2 is "Salty Pickle", and not "Salty Dog". :) Great post!

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Looks like a fun time for all!  Gotta get back to one of these again some day :)

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