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BRS Group Buy

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It looks like some people want to start a Bulkreefsupply Group Buy again

Points Go to TFT forgot to add that.


We can have it start on 5/29 or 6/5 anyone have any preferences?


For the new people the group buy always starts on a Tuesday and runs for a week. You get an email from Bulkreefsupply on the starting tuesday and thats when you can start buying stuff. If your total is 175.00 or above you get free shipping. If its not go in with someone and have it shipped to one place and take advantage of the free shipping.

Here is a link to find all the information.... http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/store/Group-and-Club-Buys


If you are on this list I should still have your info just PM me if you want to be in on this one.

1. Kris

2. Emerald525

3. Finch6013

4. Aquaman30k

5. reefnjunkie

6. JasonH

7. bicyclebill

8. Algae

9. Lowman

10. Napzard

11. k9flash

12. tanktop74

13. Eugenereef

14. Mohaynow

15. coralreefer

16. LC Scott

17. h2odvl

18. reefcam

19. stylaster

20. TidePoo

21. epic1

22. Barelycuda

23. Harold B


If you are not on this list send me a PM with your last name and the email address you use to login to bulkreefsupply.com


Send me a PM if you have any questions


List for this Group Buy


1. Kris

2. Emerald525

3. tanktop74

4. Kknight31

5. Matty0206

6. Mandinga

7. Derbird

8. Trent

9. DiscoLenny

10. R-3

11. Reefnjunkie

12. Noobtosalt

13. Reeferscooter

14. Kilmca

15. Toby flenderson

16. H2odvl

17. Omarortiz

18. Frank

19. Rbusta

20. Epic1

21. Jeramy

22. Smann

23. The Professor

24. BrianB

25. Aquaman30k

26. Tuduku





There are a few things I need from some of you I will message the ones I need more info from tonight.

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as always put me on the list Kris. For those of you who are new to this , there is no obligation to buy so it does not hurt to get on the group buy list and the points that the organizer gets for organizing this go to tanks for teacher.

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I will update the list when I get off work tonight. I don't have time to get it done while at work. And we will be starting this next Tuesday the 29th. if that does not work for some of you I can put another one to gather the week or two after. And last just so I am not rushed I will not take PMs for this after Sunday so get your info to me before that.




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I'll will be buying tonight. (Just got a coupon.) I'll have the free shipping and I am checking to see if anyone from Eugene/Springfield needed to tag along for smaller orders that don't meet the free shipping mark.

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Yes thanks Kris. Beth was able to use her points to get another autofeeder for the Pioneer school and we bought a mag float for Lakeridge.


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