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This is what happens when you win a Share The Love

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I won on the last share the love and now have committed to continuing the love sharing. Can't break the chain, I don't want that kind of bad karma coming around.


There will be 2 winners. one entry per person. i have 4 items to give away. 1st place will get first chance to choose their first pick, then the 2nd place winner will have a chance to choose their first pick and then finally 1st place gets final pick and the remaining item will then be 2nd place.


As usual, the winners are then committed to doing share the love, so dont break the chain.


here are the prizes.


1 Decent sized frag of this green millipora.



frag plug of about 10 polyps of some kind of magician morph, not sure what it is really, thats just what i was told.




2.5" fungia plate coral neon orange.




7 heads of Denro's :eek:





The drawing will be held Tuesday Evening around 7PM PST, Non local people can play, I will split shipping costs with them. I will give all winners 1 day to claim their prizes, then a redraw will occur.


Good Luck and "May the Love be with you!"

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oh hell, why not


Share the love sir reefit :P


I need an excuse to come out to your house anyway LOL

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So generous


Holy dendro Reefit!:eek:Wow what a generous share the love!


share the love

share the love

share the love


By the way you should be so proud of yourself!(clap)An offer so generous you got Brad to say those 3 words that he said he couldn't say!(laugh) Oh wait he didn't say them... You gotta make him say the words Robert!

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