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  1. I would recommend getting two of the 48 inch t5 hybrids Then just save up and get LEDs later you’ll get good enough par to keep everything going
  2. Usually the mirror trick works really good All you do is get a mirror and put it up in front of the tank if that doesn’t work do a 24 hour block out Fish have a short memory span and usually forget
  3. Says your inbox is full but I can come by Saturday and pick that up for the 80$
  4. that looks a lot like a gorilla crab try to get a better picture if it is one you want to kill it
  5. Try fresh water dipping the zoa's a lot of the dips won't get the pest off of them 10 to 15 minutes you can try this setting to it's What I run on mine UV 119 purple 118 Royal Blue 89 blue 90 red 4 Green 4 white 19 and turn off lunar and weather and try dosing iodide if you don't.
  6. 160$ work for you and look in to the waterbox 10g or 15g i got the 15g for 150$ and and i love it
  7. Try ginger powder mixing it with his food does a pretty good job at getting rid of ich
  8. I got a hundred and twenty watt Chinese LED used to grow Coral pretty good I upgraded to kessel's 40$ and it's all yours
  9. Yeah I knew the new owners of oiab the guy got in a fight with his uncle and didn't have the money to run the store on his own got an accountant and was closed three days later he told me he was going to try to open up a new store
  10. Bobby sells just Coral pretty good selection and we'll order fish for you if you ask and I'm not sure on the specifics for his water but all the Coral look good he usually always cuts a deal
  11. neptune's coral is in the same parking lot and bobby sells rodi water and salt water mix rc/io 50/50 you just have to call him and make an appointment
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