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Found 8 results

  1. I love my Apex and have had it for about 6-8 months ish. I have used it mostly as a monitor helper with my parameters, and have been turning my equipment off on the app for my feedings rather than having it programmed to Feed A, B, C, or D. I'm just starting to play with the automation for the feeding cycle and wondered what everyone else uses their Apex for. So, let's hear it! What all does your Apex take care of for the most part, so you don't have to. I am ready to take my tank to the next step. . . well. . . as soon as I learn how to program this thing correctly. That being said, if you want to leave some of the coding you use. . . . 😉 that would be amazing!!! I'm currently reading SuncrestReef's articles on Apex and my lighters are burning up! I love the information! Thanks all, hope you chime in and maybe someone others will benefit also!
  2. Setting up a new tank and would love to add an Apex/Trident to it. Let me know what you have or if you know someone. Thanks so much!
  3. I picked up an apex classic to compare to my reefpi set up the other day and realized I needed a module to connect my float switches for my ATO. I know I can order a break out box for around $35 but I like tinkering and had all the parts on hand except for the mini din. (I know I have some in a box somewhere.) I fired up tinkercad to make a quick box with a sliding lid and 7 6mm holes for the headphone jacks and the din cable. Once that was printed I bridged all the grounds and identified the pins and wires. Then, on to soldering the connections. Last, I attached it to my stand, slid the lid in and plugged it in. It works great but I learned my aqua lifter needs to be on socket 4 or 8 since it pulls so little voltage.
  4. I am moving, so I must sell my Reefer 350. All equipment is top of the line. Includes: 3 EcoTech Radion XR15 Pro G4 with Tank Mounts and Diffusers 2 EcoTech Vortech MP40Q Sicce Return Pump Bubble Magus Curve 7 Skimmer Apex Neptune Controller Apex Dos Apex Dos Container Apex WXM Tunze ATO Titanium Heater Trigger 10 Gallon ATO Livestock included: Live Rock Many Corals 17 RBT Anemones Clown Fish Potters Angle Scopas Tang Blue Damsel Tuxedo Urchin Hermit Crabs Fighting Conch
  5. 1. Suggestions please for attractive light inside my stand, mounting hardware and door switch. 2. What is source for best exhaust fan and proper size for 2' x 4' stand? 3. Where can I find a PVC elbow as shown in photo? Would a sweep elbow be just as effective? What will get me the least resistance? 4. I am thinking of plumbing a manifold off a strong return pump to feed a bio reactor, algae reactor, calcium reactor and sterilizer to minimize the number of pumps in the sump? Any advice? 5. Also I am considering running two gyres or two Apex WAVs for a SPS dominant tank. Again, any advice? 6. If I want to stock many fish in a SPS tank, would a large bio-reactor and a Pax-Bellum algae reactor keep parameters in check? Almost ready to fire the starting gun on a Custom Aquarium's rimless and a stand from Spectra.
  6. I am babysitting allot of coral. As a result, keeping allot closer eye on the tank. The calcium reactor feed pump stopped pumping any amount of volume, and dkh dropped. After troubleshooting I could see the feed pump was barely a trickle. Fired up the APEX flow monitor. It is not rated for CR low flow rate, but it seems to work. Holding steady and keeps a history! Pretty cool way to monitor that cricital calcium reactor variable, flow... I have no alarms setup for it yet but if reliable definitely will...
  7. Looking for an Eb8. Let me know ifvyou have sn extra
  8. Hey everyone, Just tore down my tank and have lots and lots of equipment for sale. Most prices are generously low, and I will be more than happy to (privately) make deals for multiple items. I can accept, cash, PayPal, and credit cards (via PayPal). Located in Albany, OR in an easy to reach location. I can be contacted via phone/text at 503-860-725(zero) - although that is also my business phone number so I might answer with the name of my business (I prefer texts during business hours). I can also be reached via PM through the PNWMAS forum, or email at beardedsmurf@comcast(dot)net. All items will be first-come, first served, and held for up to three days after being "claimed" or other arrangements are made. Communication is key. Most of these items can be shipped to you and arrive within 1-2 days in Oregon/WA for between $3-10 depending on size/weight. Will not ship tanks, sump, or frozen fish food. Pick-up or meet only on these items. Can meet anywhere in the Albany/Corvallis area to drop off anything over $25 total. For $150 or more, I will go to Salem or Eugene. Will meet in the Portland area for $300 or more (although shipping is probably just as fast and equally expensive for most items). Meetings will be at a local fish store or mall/public place. All payments for out of town meet-ups must be in advance prior to leaving for the meeting to ensure there are not any no-shows. I will be available most any day/any time between 8am and 9pm. I can text/email photos of anything on this list. Questions welcome. For a reference, Badxgillen has seen my setup and equipment and can vouch for it's quality and that it has been taken care of. Here's what's for sale: (I have saved the list of goods as images hosted remotely that I can update as items are purchased.)
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