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  1. Add a vote for Dana Riddle!
  2. Hey please send a pm with what you are interested in fish/gear wise! If you have pics of a some nicely colored up sps/zoa frags you’d be willing to trade that would help. I couldn’t find the pics your referring to. Thanks you!
  3. $25 Bangaii Cardinal (Male) $25 Tailspot Blenny $70 Kessil H80 Grow Light $200 36" Odyssea 4X T5HO Fixture W/ ATI Bulbs I can meet up in SE Portland or at CnC in Hillsdale. $25 Medium-Large Bangaii Cardinal, Male. $25 ~2.5" Tailspot Blenny. $70 Kessil H80 Light $200 36" odyssea light 4X T5HO Light Fixture, two channel, W/ moonlights. Includes 2X ATI Blue+, 1X ATI anctinic, 1X ATI Purple+, 2X Odyssea 10000K, 2X Odyssea anctinic.
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