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  1. They are actually a great for a clean up crew alot of reefers don't want them for me they are great
  2. I'm in need of as many bristle worms I can get at the moment if you got some and want me to take them i.would appreciate them
  3. Anyone in the Salem area have any bristle worms I need some for my sump. Pm me if you have some please
  4. I’m looking into a few tangs like powder blue and a few others tangs that get ich easily what is the best way and set up and equipment that I will need to qt a few fish I’m already getting a 50 gallon tank so I may Qt few fish what’s the best method and products that I’ll need thx and happy reefing
  5. Nice I got them for my 75 gallon and 250 gallon they do awesome I love the automatic light acclimation great features as well one of my best investments
  6. They are great light I'll be getting more of them great light how many gallons is your tank @Lexinverts
  7. They are great light I'll be getting more of them great light
  8. Thx Dan lu very happy with these lights
  9. Looking for some hg torches any have any available or two or three ? Lol
  10. Hello all I'm looking for x6 lights I have a 100 gallon and a 250 gallon tanks i would prefer Kessil radon or prime
  11. About a silver dollar size on one and the other red one is little bigger than a quarter
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