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In Search of a PNWMAS BBQ Site


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I am posting this in the General Discussion area in hope that we can find a suitable area soon for our Annual PNWMAS BBQ in August, preferably on a day of the Aug. 15th/16th weekend. City parks tend to require permit(s) for groups.

Another option is using a State Park. There is usually a $3 per vehicle fee.


Still another option is if someone has a large area at their home for the BBQ.


Here are some sites I have been looking into. I feel having the BBQ in a 15 to 20 mile radius of Salem will help keep it fair commute for everyone. We always encourage ride sharing. Some of these areas have optional camping too. We should decide on a location within the next month(by the end of March) to secure a reservation if needed. Usual PNWMAS BBQ turnouts have averaged around 60 people. The number attending has varied in the past from 35 to just over 100 people.


Everyone, feel free to post your ideas and suggestions in this thread!


Keizer Parks



Salem Parks



Albany Parks



Oregon State Parks



Search for a Park - we would like to keep to the Willamette Valley section to keep our BBQ central to members from all regions.


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If it moves North, you may consider the new Foothills Park in Lake Oswego. Open kitchen, dogs ok, shade, bathrooms etc. power available, amphitheater seating, sweeping river views...close to freeway, not sure what else you are looking for, but it is on the SW side of Portland so it may help with your Salem and Eugene folks.


There isn't a specific web site for it yet, but there is ample free parking and it has very good access for everyone. If someone is interested in the park and checking it out for this or any future event, PM me and I can meet you there and walk you through the amenities. It is likely the best city park you will find amywhere if LO works.


** edit: nevermind, there is a significant rental fee for this park. Here is a link with the info, but probably way out of budget



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I thought the plan was to alternate events' date=' with the Christmas party being in Salem and this BBQ to be held in PDX area.[/quote']


We are alternating both events each year. This to give a wide range for attendance. Many people have things going both during Christmas and the last part of the summer, so we did decide to move things around each year.


2008-Picnic in Tigard

2009-Picnic in Salem Area


2008-Xmas party in Salem

2009-Xmas party in Portland area


etc, etc, etc....



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I'm such a wet blanket.


Are you sure you want to haul all the raffle stuff, the food, frags/swag/aquarium-systems for trade/raffle/auction, etc. all the way out there? I'm sure it's beautiful, but is that really the best choice for the club BBQ given the other requirements?


I think it'd be a great spot for a PNWMAS event of some kind, maybe our First Annual Camp-out, but for our BBQ I'm not so sure.


Wet blanket signing out.

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As I mentioned, another option is having the BBQ at someone's home. A few years back we did this, and had attendance of 100+ ! An advantage of this option is being able to have a guest speaker, as we did when Steve Tyree gave a presentation at Steve Weast's home.


Anyone living in or near the Salem area have a large home or at least a large yard?

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Not my call since the only thing *I'm* draggin' is myself buuuut since you asked... It's been my experience that State parks often have parking a good ways away from the actual event site. If that's not the case, or if the people who are hauling don't care then no worries.

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