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Reefhuts Live Stock for sale!!!!


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Hello all!


I'm moving and I have sold my system. The person that bought it is in North Seattle and dosent want to make two trips (one for the tank and one for the live stock. I will be around most of the weekend so if anyone is interested in corals or LR call me.


tank and coral pic's http://www.pnwmas.org/RandomFlow/random_flow_vol1_iss1.pdf




Pair of Australian black perc's (one is misbared) 98.00


Purple Tang 75.00



Red Flame Hawk 25.00


Lyretail Orange Anthias Females X 3 all for 30.00


Yellow Tang 15.00


Scopas Tang 10.00


SailFin Tang 20.00


Scribbled(Doliatus) Rabbitfish 15.00


Green chromis X 6 12.00


Pajama (spotted ) Cardinal 10.00


Pair of Banggai Cardnial 30.00


Sand sifting stars X 6-10.00 each


Bi-Color Blenny 10.00


Midas Blenny 15.00


Blue spotted jaw fish 10.00


Nebulas Wrasse (Awsome for reefs with acro's, the love flat worms and red bugs)... 40.00




2 X Maxima Clams 35.00


Corsea Clam 30.00



((((Lots of corals))))


Mostly SPS and a mix of LPS with very few softies. Veiwing avalible for serious buyers, posting a picture soon. Please don't e-mail for pictures tell I post them, or come buy and see em. ;)


((((Live Rock mostly show peices))))

3.00 lb




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