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Can't get nitrates down


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Hi everyone

I am having a terrible time trying to bring my nitrates down. I have a 75 gal tank with a 10 gal sump. Typically I do a 5-10 gal water change every week or 2 and unfortunately wasn't regularly testing since everything seemed fine, corals were going and fish seemed happy. Early September I got a little behind on water chnages due to some health issues and noticed red cyano started growing. Started back on weekly water changes but the cyano has taken over. Last week had a water test and nitrates were off the chart. Dosed some chemi clean two days later did a 50% water change and everything looked good... for one day. Cyano  was back in full force over night and nitrates were still off the charts. Last night I did a second dose of chemi clean and testing. Salinity is at 1.24, ph is 8.6, alk is 11.1... nitrates still off the charts, deep deep pink color

I also pulled the tank apart last night looking for anything decaying everyone is accounted for. I noticed the pencil urchin is dropping spines, I'm not sure what it's status is but I think it's died since it was in the same place as last night and spines are starting to go.... not sure 100 though... 

Anyone have advice on how to bring nitrates down? Just keep doing the big water changes and patiences? 

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What do your phosphates look like?  I struggled with high nitrates for a long time. I eventually figured out the issue was due to bottomed out phosphates. Started dosing phosphates and my nitrates started dropping fast. The two need to be in balance with each other. 

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