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An Update from The Klahre House!

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Hi Forum!

It has been a long time since we have made a post about our tank; we have had a lengthy recovery process from the neglect the tank suffered during covid lockdown.  I am happy to report that things are looking much brighter now after a whole bunch of TLC.  Our sinularia coral survived and is flourishing, actually.  We have 4 fish- two clowns, a pajama cardinal, and a temporary baby tomini tang to help with algae.  Tons of inverts make up our robust clean-up crew: emerald crabs, snails, shrimp, etc.  We made a neat diy chaeto reactor, which is chugging along (after a few mishaps- don't ask- let's just say I have been mopping up a lot of water). We still have some caulerpa racemosa in the tank, but so much less than there used to be.  I also noticed a few of the emerald crabs eating bits of it, so that is exciting.   Now that things have regulated a bit in the tank I'm feeling like we are ready to re-introduce some more corals again. 

It's been amazing teaching marine biology with a hands-on living lab in the classroom, the students LOVE the tank.  We're currently studying mollusks and nothing beats learning about a gastropod's radula by watching firsthand as a snail scrapes the glass. The kids retains so much more when the information is relevant to them, and the tank makes it very relevant!  A HUGE shoutout to Jeff and the crew @CuttleFishandCoral for hooking us up with livestock and supplies and helping us problem solve along the way.  And to all the PNWMAS club members for making Tanks for Teachers a success!  We appreciate you!

-Deborah @ The Klahre House School (in Hood River)





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