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Affordable frags and softy colony rocks


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I live 5 mins from Cuttlefish. We can meet there if you prefer, else you're welcome to swing by my place and see what else you might like that's not listed.

$20 wwc toxic slimer acro

$20 red planet acro

$10 bali green slimer

$10 for 2 rainbow birdnest

Have a few rocks with a variety of things:toadstools, zoas, hydnophora, cool black sponge, devil's finger, and a bunch of easy care things. I'd let them go cheap, $20 each.

Below is a list of most things I have not listed. Not sure what I might be able to frag if you stopped by.:

Wwc butt kisser

Rainbow incinerator

Rainbow infusion

Utter chaos

Miami hurricane chalice

Blue eyed [language filter]

Pink zippers

Blue hornets

Fire and ice

Gorilla nipples


Hyper jubilee

Jack o lantern lepto

Alpha and omega zoas

Cherry blasto

Jason fox devil's brew or contract killer

Candy apple

Rainbow hornets


Jay fairy tails

Darth maul

Mind blown palys


Sunny d



Halle Berry 

Spicy Lemon Favia

Cyphastrea Party Crasher 

LA Lakers Zoa

Fascination Favia 

Hawaiian Ding Dang 

Bright Meteor Shower Cyphastrea 

Smurf Cyphastrea

Pro Corals Rainbow acro

Reef Ready Grape Juice acro

Jason Fox Lunar lepto

Jawbreaker mushroom

Mystic sunset Monti

Bam bam zoas


Jf halo Monti? Montipora cebuensis

Rainbow stylo? Tyree Rainbow?

Seasons greetings Monti

Orange lepto

Toxic slimer acro

Fruit loops

Really hairy mushrooms





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@obrien.david.jglad they are doing well. Next time stick around for a beer 🍻 good luck on the new setup, sounds amazing!


Also I have a gryphon saw if someone wants to bring a colony over for cutting and doing some horse trading on frags. It's a hobby for me and I want to make it fun and fair.

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On 3/5/2021 at 7:37 AM, dunpeal said:

Also fragged up some purple stylo, rainbow stylo, and birds of paradise

Would love to swing by this weekend some time if you"re free to pick up a few pieces.

Please let me know if/when you might be available.




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12 minutes ago, Onthejohn said:

Paid a visit to Derek's place yesterday..... Really nice dude. It was a pleasure chatting with him! Thanks again!

Thanks for stopping by! Well have a beer next time 0_o

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Better when there is beer in it! I'm going to head to the dock sales at Maletis after my lunch meeting and pick up a keg or two. Depends on what they have on sale. Sometimes their kegs are a great deal and sometimes is meh. 

@obrien.david.jSometimes the corals GIVE you a reason to drink. Some people really got affected by the power outages. I'll drink to their losses

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