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  1. Same as @nkaihani - feel free to PM me, would love to set up a time to come by and see what you have! Shane
  2. Looking to buy a used NERO 3 or 5. Located in the Beaverton area. Let me know if you have one! Thanks, Shane
  3. What kind of rock is that? Never seen it before but it looks super useful for building scape.
  4. Order has been placed - thanks everyone.
  5. Hi, A friend of mine who lives near Hillsboro, OR is placing an order through Reef Cleaners. He plans on placing the order on Tuesday, and the items arriving by Thursday. The order will come via UPS Overnight, so there shouldn't be problems regarding shipping delays or DOA. If there are DOAs, he will inform Reef Cleaners to get you a refund. But it is your duty to understand Reef Cleaners policies - we all take equal risk when it comes to DOAs: https://www.reefcleaners.org/store-policies The shipping cost will be 10$ or so depending on how many ppl come in on the order.
  6. If this doesn't go as a package, I'd be interested in a few things. Shane
  7. @Emerald525after your comment, it should be around 90. Good luck to everyone! @obrien.david.jI just caught up on your coral room build thread - you have some awesome stuff going on. What is your focus coral wise? SPS, LPS?
  8. Glad you made it home safe and thanks for the awesome frag! Had to drive to downtown Portland from Beaverton and was pleasantly surprised at how clean the roadways were. Small streets in downtown were quite bad however.
  9. Hi everyone, Hope you are staying safe in this cold weather. I recently purchased 2 peppermint shrimp from CNC. They've been doing really well for me, and I think they cleared out a lot of my pest anemones. I'm looking to rehome them for 10$ each or trade for an LPS frag. I am located in Bethany, Oregon - around 20 minutes from CNC. You will need to come to me, unless you want to meet somewhere within 10-15 minutes of me. You can pickup once the snow disappears/when it's safe do so. Thanks, Shane EDIT: Both pending!
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