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    Fishing 🎣 New at the Saltwater hobbyist.

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  1. Do you have anything left? Tim text 503 8809106
  2. Hey so did you have good sale weekend and do you still have tge big toadstool or hammers,torches? Tim
  3. Enjoy Alabama. Looks like we might moving to Texas in the next year or so.
  4. Hey Hayes it Tim me and my wife have been over a couple of time's sorry to here your leaving but would love to buy some of your corals. I've always had good luck with you just let me know when.
  5. What species of clown


    1. Tim Mastin

      Tim Mastin

      Sorry oso or perks.

    2. Tim Mastin

      Tim Mastin

      Medium not small had bad luck with the littme ones.

  6. Looking for a pair of clowns medium size. I have had a hard time with the little ones. Help!
  7. Let me know if it doesnt sell im needing a Quarantine tank.
  8. Has anyone bought the clowns?
  9. Do you still have the clowns? Interested
  10. If you frag any more? Interested tgmastin@gmail.com
  11. Kev looks like you need help I would like to help 200 hundred sounds good. Where are you located?
  12. Hey jordan do you have any walt fraged at this time? Looking for a piece. Hayes says you have some nice corals. Tim
  13. I almost sure it was my medium size rainbow. I had someone tell me it happens if they get to close to the mouth as small fish.
  14. 70g thats why I wanted small/med .Thanks for the heads up and yes I plan to move her out as soon as I feel she has doubled in size .
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