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WTB Looking for a tang. Foxface or any small size hair algae eater.

Tim Mastin

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  • Emerald525 changed the title to WTB Looking for a tang. Foxface or any small size hair algae eater.

I had some hair algae when I first cycled my tank. Got a large 2 bar rabbitfish and it DECIMATED all of it. Like 1 week flat. He was fat AF lol! Tangs didn’t really seem as interested and definitely didn’t eat it as fast as he did.


Ive seen small ones at cuttlefish in the past (about 2”), but just know they will for sure outgrow a 70 gal, same as most tangs as well. My Kole tang is definitely an “algae picker” but didn’t do near the work the rabbitfish did.

here’s the algae blaster 5000 going to work on some nori


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My tank is. We picked up a ~25 gallon, and ours is about 28, iirc. It’s not an appropriate size. I know they keep growing.... up to 8 inches, iirc? If I recall correctly, the recommended tank size is in the 75-100g range, but we never had an intention of going that big in the foreseeable future, so you’ll want to confirm rather than rely on my recollection :) He’s seemed happy enough for the moment, but I’m sure he’d love to stretch his fins. He’s great at navigating rock work and caves, but with how fast he is, I can see where he’d really shine with more room.

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