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UPCOMING SALE--Friday Night 6-packs with Holly


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A lot of you are familiar with my $10 sales--every coral is $10 (yes, $10!).  You are also familiar with the fact that I haven't been able to put one on since COVID.  So, in April I did an online 6-pack sale that was a huge success.  I thought I would do another!

This Friday night (tomorrow, August 28) at about 6 pm, I’ll post the packs in a separate thread entitled “SALE THREAD--Friday Night 6-packs.”  Here’s how it will work:

1.    I’ll post pics of the packs, with numbers.  Each pack is $60 (6 corals at $10 per coral...keep up with me here people).

2.    You post “sold” and the number.  

3.    You will have 24-hours to make payment (Paypal or Venmo), or the pack goes to the next person.  You have 7 days for pick-up, or the pack goes to the next person.

4.    Local pick-up only.  I’m in southwest Portland near Washington Square. 


For those who like "designer corals," you'll see at least one of these in each pack--Jason Fox Sector 001 favites, Pro Corals Rainbow acro, Jason Fox Fender Bender cyphastrea, Reef Ready Grape Juice acro, Jason Fox Jack-O-Lantern leptoseris, Jason Fox Outer Space psammocora, ASD Rainbow Phoenix monti, Jason Fox Lunar lepto.  There is even a little Space Invader pectinia in there.

For those of you who don't care about names, just know that each pack contains solid, healthy, corals.  I tried to get a variety of colors and types in each pack.

 This will be fun!  See you Friday!


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1 minute ago, Gil&Fin said:

Fun! 85 degrees in Astoria. Who knew that could happen?!

Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk

That's Hawaii weather! :) It was an nice little heat wave while we were down there, though we spent most of our time at Cuttlefish... thank god Jeff has AC 😛   

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