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$10 Frags


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My tanks are not currently open for shopping, however, I need to make some room in my frag tanks. Please look at the photos and let me know what you are interested in, by telling me the letter identifying the frag.  You can paypal or venmo me-- I am in Vancouver to pick up or I will be stopping by Cuttlefish next Saturday (June 20). I have duplicates of most of them. 

cc= porites metallic green base, dd= blue/green branching cyphastrea, ee= Ora pink pocillopora, ff= orange setosa, (H= rainbow favia SOLD), I= encrusting monti brown base/green polyps, J= porites sand dollar blue base/red polyps,( Z=gemifera acro SOLD), aa=john deere psammocora, (k=chalice SOLD), bb=favia mystic grape green/purple eyes, W=monti chili pepper green base/red polyps, X=monti orange base/green polyps, Y=lepto jason fox funny farm, T=monti cap green base/white polyps, U=chalice purple base/green eyes, V=cyphastrea cornbread bling bling, D=Chalice, E=favia green base/purple eyes, F=cyphastrea green base/orange polyps, G=chalice pink boobies bright pinkish red/yellow eyes, A=purple stylo, B=Ora green pocillopora, C=acro light purple base/blue tips. I just updated list. If you were ever thinking about trying SPS I have a couple of almost bulletproof pocillopora that I have for 9 years.








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