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  1. Does anyone turn their lights down or off during a heat wave? Would a couple of days at 50% power be bad for the corals? I know in the wild the weather can affect how much light they get. I'm not too worried about the heat, we have a/c, and I have a bunch of frozen water bottles if it goes out. Was thinking more about power usage and possible rolling black outs. Just thinking and was wondering what others do.
  2. Love that goni. Always cool to see the different colors they come in.
  3. Fluconazole(Flux RX, Reefflux) will take out the bryopsis like an assassin. Probably the hair algae too. Eliminated it all in 2 weeks in my tank. Now I have Dino's. Sigh.
  4. I agree. It is cool to watch how everything worked together.
  5. Yes it did. I feel like they could have emailed me the directions but I can understand how they might not want everyone just poking around in there. I had to disconnect the tube from the manifold and solinoid and use a syringe to blast water back through the line. Then hooked everything back up and it started to initialize.
  6. Success! Spoke with Neptune support and they walked me through clearing out the sample line from the manifold to where the sample line hooks to the trident and now it is drawing water!
  7. Yup I have done that. Watched it go through initialization I can see the solenoids click in and out, watched the reagents travel into the cuvette and back out to the waste container. Unless the supply line is disconnected or kinked between the mechanisms and the back wall where you can't see. Not sure why it won't draw water. Kinda neat to see how it works.
  8. So finally had time to hook up the Trident. Went through the setup process in the app just as the videos show. It primes the reagents just fine, but won't draw the sample water. I removed the sample line from the barb and blew bubbles, even sucked a tiny bit of water in 🤢. Hooked everything back up. Went through Neptune's trouble shooting guide and still no luck. Created a help ticket. I am so bummed. Love the apex though.
  9. Good advice. The outlets actually had names and basic controls, but I had to plug in my stuff in different outlets due to bricks and cord lengths so I had to rename them all. I am definitely a RTFM first kinda person so I have gone through Neptune's setup. I am (maybe) going to wait a day before setting up the Trident just to make sure everything else is behaving properly.
  10. DOS back in stock so I pulled the trigger on that and a breakout box. Also ordered 24v LED strips off Amazon to do my cabinet. I have magnetic switches so I can set it up to turn the cabinet lights on when the door opens. Got the apex and powerbar up and running. Now to read through suncrestreef's articles to really get things going.
  11. Another question: Right now I am using LED stick on light strips that I had left over from another project as my cabinet lights. The RoboTank has 12v ports that I am using to power the leds, so no power supply and no taking up a plug on the power bar. Does the APEX have anything like that?
  12. Gotcha. I wasn't thinking about it in the correct way which is funny because that is how my reef-fi lights are.
  13. Good to know it isn't to difficult. Does the WXM supply power and control or just control? Looking at ways to save outlets on the power bar. Even if I don't do it right away, I may try to get one now.
  14. I haven’t as of yet. It would be nice to do, but my MP40s are the newer ones and my vague understanding is it takes some finagling to get them to be controlled by the apex.
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