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  1. Hi all, looking for a smaller foxface to go into my system. Let me know what you have!
  2. Jim is super cool and easy to work with. His display is gorgeous and has an excellent frag tank with some solid deals. Just cleaned him out on a bunch of mystery acros that have great colors already.
  3. Have some in Aloha and frags for sale. Saying by any time
  4. Have some in Hillsboro/Aloha, and frags!
  5. Was fortunate enough to meet Hayes this morning, arrived early and was very generous in his trade offer for my clownfish I had posted for free. Wouldn't hesitate to do business again, message him for deals on corals!
  6. FREE to a good home! Maybe kick me a coral? He doesn't deserve to live in the sump....
  7. Hi all, I was fortunate enough to get a supplemental T5 kit to go with my reef for Christmas, I currently have. A 300w mars aqua LED and I was wondering what bulbs would bring the most color to my tank for coral with the LED supplement, the catch is because it's a DIY kit there's only room for 2 bulbs. I was thinking an actinic and coral plus? I have a lot of montis/sps and am certain this tank will transition to a predominantly acro dominated one. Recent tank shot for an idea...
  8. I have the smallest little piece you can have. Like quarter inch. I broke it off and glued it to a plug and seems to be doing solid. But it is tiny...
  9. Full disclosure I had 3 before this and they all died within 2 weeks despite perfect drip acclimation and parameters. Both male and female types, this guy was actually from a tank breakdown and was out and about eating in the second day. I've had him almost a week now and he is active and very happy, still acclimating to my lighting schedule.
  10. Alright. A lot of changes, survived dinos and a huge alk swing with most things in tact. It appears I now have the acropora bug and want to collect sticks, coral growth is great and selling frags has funded a lot of purchases, my anemones know no bounds and neither does my kenya tree or GSP. I would say everything has tripled in size including my acropora. Lots of new, some old stuff perished but it's no big deal, part of learning. Coming up on a year in this tank after moving out of my 2 year old 29g.
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