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  1. Part with the livestock separately? @Shar_Zard
  2. Anyone have some to spare in Aloha/Hillsboro?
  3. Selling frags to fund other bad habits. Zoa's all 3-5 polyps maybe more. -Crab nebula $10 -Gob stopper $10 -Toxic green paly $10 -Utter Chaos $10 -Purple monster $20 Softies -Green Sinularia $10 cut to order -Kenya tree $10 -GSP $10 -Leather toadstool Other -Small red and green war coral frag $20 -orange setosa $20 -green psammacora $10 -WWC yellow tip highlighter $30
  4. Interested in Fuego and rainbow. Would love to see pics of the rest
  5. I have a little bright red goni, what is approx trade value?
  6. Looking great! Looks like the sun rest reef is getting put back it's former glory.
  7. Holly! I loved seeing your dogs, they were always so sweet. Nothing can ease the pain of losing a pet, they are part of the family. I will pay extra attention to my two tonight in honor of Leo.
  8. I used vibrant before which may have weakened it. Otherwise follow as instructed. 3 week turnaround for turf algae. Bryopsis was about a week.
  9. I am super stoked to say after bryopsis, dino, and cyano the tank has made a 90% recovery. A lot of my sps took a hit through all the nutrient spikes and subsequent treatments but I am absolute believer in reef flux for nuisance algae elimination. This killed my remaining bryopsis and the turf algae that took its place! Total duration was about 3 weeks. What a ride...here are some pics of the tank now!
  10. As the title says, I have a bunch that needs trimmed back and rehomed. Located in Aloha and have plenty of flexibility.
  11. Hi All! Thank you for the support on this, had some come through and started my first dose last night after scrubbing a ton of stuff. Stay tuned I guess to see what impact it makes...
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