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  1. I have some in Aloha. Softball size ish.
  2. I have baseball/softball size now. It's free or if you have a frag I'd take it. Work from home so swing by whenever.
  3. Have a gallon size bag worth. Located in Hillsboro
  4. I'm having the same issue and it's really dulling out my corals. I've upped feeding flakes and just bought some neonitro off Amazon. Who would of thought keeping your aquarium clean would be a bad thing.
  5. Seeing good growth from all my corals. Finally got the doser setup which is nice. Who would of thought these suckers need almost 30ML a day. My acros are kind of browning out and my Monti cap is a much lighter pink than when I got it. Maybe cheap salt? Anyway I've started the red sea trace elements dosing program now, we'll see how that goes. On another note, I'm not sure my tank can take any more $10 frag sales.
  6. F,G,K,FF Please send me a message with your paypal
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