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  1. I am super stoked to say after bryopsis, dino, and cyano the tank has made a 90% recovery. A lot of my sps took a hit through all the nutrient spikes and subsequent treatments but I am absolute believer in reef flux for nuisance algae elimination. This killed my remaining bryopsis and the turf algae that took its place! Total duration was about 3 weeks. What a ride...here are some pics of the tank now!
  2. As the title says, I have a bunch that needs trimmed back and rehomed. Located in Aloha and have plenty of flexibility.
  3. Hi All! Thank you for the support on this, had some come through and started my first dose last night after scrubbing a ton of stuff. Stay tuned I guess to see what impact it makes...
  4. Hi All, Reef flux and other namely fluconazole treatments all seems to be a week out. I have some reef flux currently ordered but won't be here until much later. Does anyone have any spare/in hand right now I could purchase or trade coral for? Would like to start this process today as this stuff is growing faster than I can remove it.
  5. Dirty tank, blackout period, tons of microbacter7 and Dr tims. I think vibrant is what finished then off
  6. Well guys another bout of Dinos plagued the tank and I am finally over them. It didn't go without a fight. Lost my phoenix monti, jack o lantern lepto, and purple stylo. Little bit of burnt tips on a couple acros but otherwise it seems like dinos are completely iradicated. Current issue is GHA and bryopsis which has been choking corals and proven to be quit stubborn. On week 3 of vibrant and mag is 1700 ppm in hopes of eliminating bryopsis. Pretty much at a loss for GHA, parameters read well within normal ranges so the start of h2o2 dosing has taken place. Current status: Ugly
  7. Excellent little guy, until I noticed polyps missing on my digi... Didn't take long from him to clean a 40b now he lives in the sump. Free to a good home, maybe kick me a neat coral?
  8. Hi all, looking for a smaller foxface to go into my system. Let me know what you have!
  9. Jim is super cool and easy to work with. His display is gorgeous and has an excellent frag tank with some solid deals. Just cleaned him out on a bunch of mystery acros that have great colors already.
  10. Have some in Aloha and frags for sale. Saying by any time
  11. Have some in Hillsboro/Aloha, and frags!
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