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Group buy of wavy seas?


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I am in the market for a wavy sea...and thought maybe some other people are as well, I know there are a couple of people setting up some bigger tanks that might want some...So if you would be interested please make a post and let me know...once I get a final count I will let them know and see what we can do on prices...


I do not know prices yet, as they want an estimation of how many people will be ordering...so let me know if you would be interested, dependent on the price of course, once we get a good idea, I will get a price and see if everyone is still interested...


Hopefully we can get something going here...

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Well, I just checked out the regular prices and you'll have to count me out.

I don't have anything close to that price available right now.

Will have to wait for a used one.


Used ones, hold value really well... If we got enough people I bet it would be close to the same price.


But thanks for letting me know.. So we may have 3 people on board.

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Well I wouldnt say they look Exactly the same, but they are similar. I think buying them from PCI makes alot of sense though, as if they go bad you can drive it down and get it fixed/replaced/help etc. The folks at Wavysea have been pretty good to me, but they are a bit tricky to deal with as there is a language barrier.


I know that PCI would work out a group deal, either though Travis or myself.

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