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Shout out to Pan World America pumps


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I want to share my recent experience with Pan World because I think it is important we let each other know when things go well (or not so well).  I recently broke a piece on my Pan World pump when I was moving my mixing station around.  I snapped off the outlet on the front casing.  I went to their website to get the part number and was happy to see that it was easy to find all the pump drawings--installation, construction, and 3D.  I called them to see if they could ship out the part quickly.  They took down my information and called me back in about an hour to let me know the part was in stock and they would ship it out that day, no charge.  Yep, no charge.  Not even for shipping.  They said they just wanted me to get the pump back up and running, and appreciated my business.

Obviously, this kind of customer service is hard to find online, so I wanted to share.

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I has a similar experience with Bubble Magus.  One of their dosing heads wasn't spinning, it would just spin for like 0.00001 seconds.  I sent them an email and told them the trouble shooting i did.  moved heads around, tried reprogramming it, etc.  They sent me a new mother board and pump motor absolutely free of charge.  they didn't even ask me about where and when I bought it!

bubble magus for life !  :)


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