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how is salt water salt made?


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Sea water is pumped into shallow shallow evaporation ponds.  As the water evaporates, it leaves a layer of salt that is scraped up and processed for packaging, then the ponds are refilled.  It's a lot like the Great Salt Lake in UT.

I think Red Sea has a video that shows the process.

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19 hours ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

it's a little of both it seems. pure sodium chloride through evaporation then the add back the minerals lost.

which seems odd to me.. maybe the trace elements are lost in the rinsing process??


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Great Video! Thank you for posting it but who is Carl in the video?

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The method explains manufacturing for Companies such as Red Sea & Royal Nature, but the largest amount of Sea salt being consumed is manufactured in Large Warehouse's consisting of industrial pharmaceutical equipment  mixing Synthetic chemicals and Compounds. Instant Ocean's facilities are in Virginia,  I would assume the shipping/importing globally would add to the costs tremendously. 

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