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big boy chaeto setup


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8 minutes ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

I hear the kessils are the gold standard. the bigger one though is just ridiculously priced. we shall see how this does. I have it on 70% power for both the veg and bloom leds right now.

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I got the Kessil as well, but that light you have appears to have the proper spectrum, So i think it should do fine!  You would need something larger than an H80 for sure for the amount of macro you have in that tub. 

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I totally agree.  Kessils were a bit much for me for growing chaeto to throw away. 

I took two old D120 fixtures with reef spectrum and ran them at 100%.  For months, I was throwing away kitchen garbage bags full of chaeto.  Eventually it settled out and growth dropped out, presumable the chaeto has done it's job...

Well done!




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3 hours ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

I have to say this thing is THE BOMB. my chaeto has more than doubled in volume since I started using it!

probably too big for many tanks out there but if you have the room... man it works really well!

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Mine is still growing strong with the cheap LED grow light bulb I got from you.  Probably should think about replacing that but hard to argue with what I have gotten out of it.

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