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Another hit of crack, I mean another tank for powderblue


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Well I've been tankless for way too long so today I pulled the trigger on a little nano setup. Plans are pretty simple, some easy corals, a couple fish, and then upgrade this winter to a bigger more permanent tank. My work schedule has died down so I finally have time for another tank.

My wife was also getting eager to have fish again so what better timing?!

Equipment list

aquamaxx 22l low iron

-ocean box reef conversion

-2 ai primes

-santimonica filtration drop 1.4 algae scrubber

-neotherm heater

-tunze 6040

-eheim return pump

-IM hydrofill TI with pump

I may ditch the algae scrubber and go with a skimmer but not sure yet. Sand gets here tueaday and I'm grabbing some rock from Kevin tomorrow since the rock that came with the setup smelled like a bucket of death and buttcracks. I will likely buy an apex again soon as well before I upgrade the tank.

Anywho I'll be out for some corals once everything is cycled!




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Slowly but surely it's coming together. It has the sand and rock in it. I am lucky enough to have friends who always help me with my tanks! Special thanks to Kevin for dropping off some live rock to help seed the tank.
I also used the carib sea Fiji pink live sand to help speed the process and introduce bacteria. I think I have the aquascape I will keep but that may change. Last thing I need to do is toss the blue background on the tank. I'm using the sheet type instead of painting it since its setup as a peninsula so when I sell it I want the new owner to be able to use it however they want.

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