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Who needs some sps frags?!?


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I've got to trim up my monti undata, blue polyp cap, mad mikes tricolor, and miyagi tort. Maybe some garf bonsai too. My phone, even in HDR mode, is super saturated with the blue of these new radions. Sticks and undata $10, cap $5. I've got a lot to trim, maybe a little more $ for much bigger pieces? Oh , and free spongodes! Can you tell I just want some of you to come hang out and talk corals with me?7f7d53147dff29ee0b11f5ebf67f0f63.jpgb140658b65210682792a4b652c07f7dd.jpg92ec10b7062ac74bb9d38315f062b036.jpg0283be8179be5b82bdb7f50710119270.jpg3d9d37a6b51540fe1ffb5738e1b9fd7f.jpg



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Hey Bill, i definitely need a new piece of that tyree undata (i finally lost it, it was one of my favs) if you can save me a few pieces of stuff and pm me what you're asking for some stuff i would be forever grateful, having some tank issues at the moment.




Also i wouldn't mind at all to have some Radion talk and share and learn tips.


Funny, $1500 in lighting and when things start looking bad i put them back under my old Reefstars and in a week or two they pop again.

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Haha Bill that's great! I don't need to be bribed with sticks to talk to you. You're a great guy to talk to! Stick lovers out there I would definitely take Bill up on this offer. When I was first in the hobby I learned the most simply visiting people's homes and talking one on one. Bills got some skills!

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