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Frag Plugs/Disks/Tiles Preference?


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I have a combination of plugs, golf tees, travertine tile I cut, rubble and such. You can find blemished tile for a $1.


I like cut tile for zoa's and stuff like that. Rubble rock for encrusting. Plugs for larger frags and golf tees for small ones. You can get a couple hundred golf tees off ebay for cheap. Tees and cut tile are so cheap I try to use that the most.

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Cool thread idea!



I don't know what they are called but Rolekii gave me a Gorilla nipple colony that were grown on a little square that looks like a bunch of tiny rubble stuck together, a tiny slice here and there to separate the polyps and with little to no pressure at all with bone cutters or even your fingers the desired piece snaps right off. The easiest zoa fragging ever!

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