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Enter: Belly of beast

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Hey folks! After 2 (not so) long years of getting married and what not, the new reef is a go. And Today is the day!



20L Berlin

Skimmer has model scratched off

Ever grow 120w LED

Minimalist build.


Inspired by a piece of Tunga found @ OIAB.


No peaking until it clears.


Salt and sand are an hour old!


Also looking for fish list recommendations! I realize it's reality small, but some ideas would be nice. e252d95f1245c905930daa58ed1666a9.jpg



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Ha! You're probably right.

I meant it as more of a beast of a hobby.. But now I'm thinking differently.

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Oh Hahaha, I see what you mean now. Yes, this hobby will eat you up and spit you out lol

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First livestock today!


2x A. Ocellaris (Can't beat the classics)

3x Zebra Turbo

2x Nassarius (More to come)

4x Blue leg hermits

1x Emerald Crab

Fern Caulerpa And other misc. macro's for the Fuge.



Looking to add a bubble tip soon enough.. Preferably split from an established Nem if anyone has one for sale!


Not too picky on color but the brighter the better.









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