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Hi Everyone, 


Let start with an introduction. My name is Nakul, and I live in Corvallis, Oregon. 

My wife and I got into this hobby (more like getting into it) after we had a roommate who had a freshwater tank, but he recently moved out. And now we are too used to having an aquarium at our place. 

We have decided to start with a salt water aquarium (but real slow as we are just students and can't throw in a lot of money all of a sudden). 


Besides this, in my day to day life, I like to play soccer, video games, photography, and traveling. I am a mechanical engineering student, and my wife just graduated with a degree in Animal Science, and is thinking about going to Veterinary School.


I guess this is where I will end the introduction.


It's a pleasure being a part of this community.


Thank you,


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Welcome to the forum! I live in Salem so just a short while up but I'm also a student at OSU so I'll be around the school year! Great group of people hear, I've learned so much fun them :)



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Yes there are a few people in Corvallis who are in the hobby, its just a matter of making some time to meet up. As mentioned Lex, Badx, Miles, are located in Corvallis but so is InvertsRock, Reefermadnes, Beasilybub, catfish, and Kireek. A few of these people may be off and on he forum but are always still in the hobby.


Maybe I will see you around.

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Hot diggity! Welcome to the forum. You'll like it here. Just some good people who enjoy an aquarium or two..or three...maybe even four. Ok. Some of us have a lot of aquariums. Hehe.


If you ever want to talk about aquariums. I imagine any of us in Corvallis would love to chat.


Hope to see you around.

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