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Lagoon 25


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Hi all!


I started collecting supplies for a new build that will be set up for my second year of school. For this build I chose the IM Lagoon 25 giving me a bit more water volume and space to play with.


Some things I have been thinking about...

-Lighting? I have been thinking about multiple different lights, 2 AI Primes, Kessil 360, NanoBox Duo, and ATI 4x24w (ultimately I want something that I can use to grow anything.)

-Fish? I was thinking about two clowns, three green chromis, and a tailspot. Is this too many fish? Don't blast me for this idea please


Current Equipment Ideas

-IM Lagoon 25

-DIY Stand

-Vortech MP10

-IM Ghost Skimmer

-One InTank Basket to run floss, carbon/gfo (only going to run carbon/gfo if needed)

-One filter sock

-Marine Pure Spheres in a mesh bag so I can rinse detritus off


-Eheim Jager Heater


Livestock Ideas


-Two Black Occelaris Clowns

-Three Blue/Green Chromis (if possible)

-One Tailspot Blenny


-Colorful Zoanthids




-Bubble Tip Anemone? (In the later stages of the tank)

-Some SPS 


Thanks for checking it out! If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please feel free to chime in!

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I like version 2 the best. 3 is nice but the pencils are distracting me lol.


Your selection of fish should be fine just don't feed too heavily.


Vortech will be perfect.


As far as lights I'm biased with T5s and so glad I did Atis on my new tank but there are a lot of good leds out there and I'm glad I don't have to worry about changing bulbs on my 20 gallon.

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Did a little changing up on plans. I had to build my own stand as the cabinet was just too big for the new apartment. I have gotten my fusion 10 transferred over to this. On order is live rock, the rest of my Aquaforest products, and some odds and ends. Here are some random photos of everything.


FTS (Aquascape isn't final and that dang RFA wont move lol)




Inside of Stand




Getting Organized



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looks awesome! I love those little tanks


Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk



I was going to post about adding more rock but that last shot is awesome.  I really like your tank!  Really good aquascaping in terms of the flow of the rocks.


Thanks guys!!

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Good morning from the reef








Plugged in my AI Prime to try it out with the t5's. Its on a low settings basically just to extend the viewing time and add a little shimmer. Everything is going well besides the fact that I found two aiptasia but I ordered some Aiptasia-X to hopefully get rid of them. 

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Long overdue Update

Alk: 8.3dKH

NO3: 1.5ppm

PO4: <0.03


One of my clowns went carpet surfing a while ago which was pretty depressing for me. I literally walked in the house probably one minute too late. Corals are, well, still alive. I dont get growth but color is pretty decent. Oh well I guess Ill just look at these guys and imagine them growing. Here are a few photos under the AI Prime night time blues. Hope you like iPhone photos lol.





Out of focus Mille




GB Juggernaut




The only photo of my clown. Decided to name her Lulu (No she doesn't have ich Im just too lazy to clean the glass)




A cool semi photoshopped pic of Mind Blowing Paly




Duncan feat. Hammer




My wanna be Zoa garden



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