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Next Generation APEX Released


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I like that they added Salinity to the base unit, and monitoring the pull on each outlet... but I think that's about it. The Orange and grey colors I find tacky built with plastic makes it look just all that much cheaper. I'll stick with the old units, I love how durable they are, and the new setup just looks like they added a lot more potential issues.

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I understand they listened to customers and what they wanted, but I think those customers meant as an upgrade to the $1k system they already have, not a new system all together :laugh:  I'm just glad they still used aquabus cables and didn't try to pull an Apple and give it a newly designed cable. 


The addition of salinity is nice but is probably part of the reason it's the price of the gold package currently available. 


I will stick with what I have but this is a very nice system for those entering the controller world, I just hope they keep the Jr. for those people that want an entry level controller. If they faze out the old style and go strictly to this new system, they will lose a huge chunk of the market who can't or won't spend that kinda money to try a controller. 

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All I will say is that I'm so glad I am not impressed with this new generation Apex because I won't feel the need to spend more money anytime soon by upgrading :-) Visually, not a fan and the feature enhancements don't merrit the cost of upgrading, imo.


I do hope the improved Apex Web interface/app is compatible with the "legacy" Apex... I assume it will be.


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