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Didn't last long...


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So there was one thing in my main tank that i didn't want to sale. My blacker ice pair and the rock with my 2 rainbow anemone and a rose on it.. I was talking to the wife and she said get a small tank for them... So with that said....fff9527d3f5a1c6e4478606de4aee7f9.jpg07c31b69cb603a0c0ae69a7c023dd5e1.jpg

I back... lol


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Looks good and wish I would have known I just gave Brian a chunk of FF digi that was about 6" long with a few arms on it.

I still have a few zoas on the back wall of the 40. Going to toss them if no ones wants them. Check out my for sale thread as there are a few pics of them. Not the brightest but purple and green I think and also some reds.

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