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Woody from Seahorse Aquarium


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Woody Wood, of Seahorse Aquarium in Portland, says Hi to everyone  at PNWMAS. I spent a couple of hours visiting with him the other day. He is recovering from an illness, and hopes to be busy opening his store at the home location on Russet Street once again, with the help of his daughter.  Woody had a lot to do with keeping our local club going, and it is very possible PNWMAS would not even exist without his help back in the late 1990s and early 2000s!


We all wish you a speedy recovery Woody!

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Woody taught me everything when I first started with reefing 10 years ago. Wonderful guy and very knowledgeable. Glad to hear he's recovering and getting back in the swing of things.


Is he opening a new shop?

He would like to reopen the old shop that's located at his house.

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Woody also helped get me started years ago. The first tank Beth and I bought we were referred over to him. I was also impressed that in our excitement there were so many things we wanted and didn't do our research on that he refused to sell to us like a grouper and a chocolate chip starfish!

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When i first started last August it seemed my clowns were coming down with something and i called seahorse and spoke with woody and several phone conversations later he helped me to diagnose the problem, took my address and sent me some meds and refused to let me pay him for his time and supplies. 


That said, i'm absolutely available for some good ol physical labor  :thumbs:

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