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  1. Original post updated with reduced prices, it all goes to the dump next week, come and get it!
  2. Thanks Raj and Knuckledragger! still available are: Hannah checker water change stuff and pumps Tank First come first served, please text me #above, thanks
  3. It’s a great day to come pick up some stuff! I am moving and need this stuff gone ASAP. please call/text me to arrange pick up, thanks. 503 nine 56-one 388
  4. I’m in NE Portland, near the Safeway freemont & Sandy.
  5. All these items have been sitting in a garage for over a year. It’s dusty. I’m moving and it needs to go. If you want an item #, you must take all of the stuff In that item #, I’m not interested in splitting any items, thanks. #1. FREE!!! 72g glass bow from tank, stand and sump.theres a pump I used still down there that probably still works. Trickle filter and original glass tops. THIS TANK LEAKS! but otherwise the glass was in good shape, I was pretty good about scratches, it might clean up well with a new seal. #2 $20 Hannah phosphate checker and unopened box of reagent
  6. And let me say it’s a hardy piece of coral. My water was not pristine by any means
  7. Everything is sold except the large sps colony. Of all things I can’t believe this is what is left, lol. For $80 it would be a great centerpiece for a Simone getting into sps. I’ve bought 3/4” frags for $80! its going to a fish shop at noon so let me know if your interested asap. Thanks!
  8. Reactor is sold, sorry. $80 for this huge colony. It comes with a blue tang that lives in it and hides deep in it, and two tubes of coral putty and a coral nippers. It’s going to a shop in the am, my tank is getting drained tonight :( crazy deal!!
  9. I'm not sure if you see the same photo bucket block but its a Karolin c1502 with a Eheim circulation pump. not sure on the regulator or cylonoid. darnit! If you send me your # I can text you the pic
  10. Its a steal! I should probably raise this price to 150 having now looked it up but whatever. I replaced the circulation pump about a year ago too. Would make a great back up. There is a small salt creep leak that isn't very bad. I keep it in the tupperware and no water or anything comes through. A good clean might fix it.
  11. SPS and most equipment still available. Some lucky person scooped most of this up!
  12. I was debating getting out of the hobby for a bit and I just found a slow leak in my tank, so its all for sale. I'm not that current on my pricing so if I'm too low/high, please let me know, this club has always been generous to me so I would like to go out that way too. I'm clearly in a rush and have tried to be as accurate as possible. Sorry for the terrible pics. I live in NE Portland Near 64th and Fremont an will be around most of the weekend. Cash only please. Pete 5zero3-956-1388 Any purchase gets a hermit or snail, while supplies last. Fish: Blue Tang $20 (Pl
  13. dang dude, new tank!? Right on. "Tank of the month" LOL
  14. Moved a 75 gallon from a second story apartment to a new home. Never again. Would buy a new tank and start over next time. I still can't believe my friends talk to me after that. The highlight was pouring the contents of the shop vac off the second story deck of the old place. They liked that. Wondering why the jug was sweating as I was dumping Ice cold ATO water into my tank. Saved up all my fish tank money for a couple months to buy a colony of SPS that proceeded to RTN in front of my eyes in less than 48 hours. Wife was unimpressed, as was I. Tried to save a sick clownfish I had
  15. Absolutely nothing. Completely uninterested in it these days :( a huge tricolor colony has grown an attached itself to the front glass, looks like [language filter]. Not sure why I'm so meh about it these days. Idk, maybe winter will help. Need to trim some of this stuff up and get at it. I Have a garbage can of bubbling fresh water change sitting in my living room for a week now. Quit slacking pete!
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