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  1. Too aggressive for my tank. Looking to trade him for a few females or a nice male. he was a breeder at snake river cichlids. Paid a pretty penny for him. looking to get $50 for him or a trade IMG_7007.MOV
  2. Wow this is amazing. Just getting back into the hobby. This is a good bit of inspiration. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I stopped for a while and I am looking to start up again. I want to do a smaller tank in my living room. \ Show me what you got and price!
  4. Unfortunately I am pursuing other hobbies so I'm taking a bit of a break. 30g acrylic tank with built in pump and return pump Custom stand with light hangers built into the back ! I love this setup but it's time to let go. I will most likely throw in some of the other things that were part of the setup depending on the offer Looking for 250 obo All lifestock is gone.
  5. I'm looking for a co2 kit for a planted freshwater tank 10g. Anyone have anything or have suggestions ? Text me @ 503-901-7018
  6. Looking for a bulldog or Boston terrier for my family . My daughter just turned one and we want to get her s dog because she's in love with dogs. Looking for a English bulldog, frenchbulldog, Boston terrier Willing to trade my setup and maybe cash depending on breed Comes with: Custom stand with mounting brackets 30 gallon tank with built in sump Hydor slim skim nano protein skimmer Powerhead And maybe I'll throw in the ocean revive led fixture
  7. Forgot to mention I'm in the Gresham/Portland area
  8. I'm getting back into the hobby again. Iife has hit me hard the last couple Of months and forced me to stop for a bit. setting up a new tank. I'm looking for simple corals like Xenia, clove polyps, leathers, mushrooms. but not limited to those types Not looking to spend an arm and a leg but if you have them laying around and you don't want them let me know ! Text me @ 503-901-7018
  9. Lol yeah at first my Duncan was always irritated because of the clowns. But after a while it seemed to just ignore them for some reason .
  10. Stand is about 19 inches deep and 28 inches wide Tank is 16x24
  11. Duncan colony 10+ heads Good for hosting clownfish $75 or best offer If no one takes it I'll move it to my other setup at my other house.
  12. All corals and tank setup still available ! Shoot me a text message and let's make a date and time for you to get some new stuff ! 503-901-7018
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